Sunday, September 18, 2011


        BE MY GUEST TODAY, I WILL BE AT HOME ALL DAY, watching a movie with some popcorn ,zapping with my remote control and after reading a book I will be napping on my comfy couch!

HOME SWEET HOME: A fantastic family home BY Heart HOMES (JAylin Whitewood)  for APHRODITE SHOP called NEW ENGLAND BEACH HOUSE is 3200L. You can rezz the demo before buying it but I assure you, you are gonna love it

LIVING ROOM: Coastal living room complete set with great menu options,(like popcorn, book or remote control giver for your sitting animation), color changing textures and realistic look is my favourite from  HEART HOMES for APHRODITE SHOP for 1250L

SKIN: Thea in milky tone is 990L by LAQ

SHAPE:  A skin is nothing without a gorgeous shape... You can find the most gorgeous shapes in sl at CURVY SILHOUTTES like the one I found called Catriona is 499L at CURVY SILHOUTTES

HAIR: Tracy in auburn is by CIC 200l

DRESS: Such a lovely dress from ICING, a great store with a unique style especially if you like mixture of modern times with oldies; Icing is what you are looking for. Skipper dress is the recent Lucky board item at the store.. I am the lucky one :)

SHOES: I found thhis  lovely deck shoesfor free on marketplace by Plausible Body 

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