Thursday, June 30, 2011


   you are invited to a formal event and you want to be the best looking female in the room. Yes, I believe thats possible... But what?
  You are saying you are erratic, you cant even decide whether to wear something short or long!!
  I am Here to help you save the day  :))

lets see the styling tips to be the star of the night! :))

 SKIN&SHAPE: Artemis who is a goddess in greek Mytholohgy is likely to be a goddess in sl as well. Artemis skin line and shape were designed for you the exclusive customers of Unique Megastore, to make you perfectly perfect. Artemis Bronze skin line make up number 5 is 1499l and the shape is 799l. To have the most meaningful eyes in sl, take a look at Unique Megastore's wide eye color options at the store. And if you want all the make up options of Artemis the skin line is totally 3499l

  GOWN: So you need  something unique, becuase you got rid of seen the same gown on people and you hate the possiblity to see your gown on someone else. House of Dashwood thought all the tinniest details for us ladies and the designer and the ownner of  HOD Ms. Muircastle made this unique gown with a fantastic style.The gown is especially for the ones who cant decide whether to choose a short gown or a gown with a long skirt... it has both... Alaina Turquise /Zebra gown (800l) with other color options is available at the store for the ladies who have a style. A big thank you to Dashwood Muircastle for her fantastic creations 
 HEELS: Fabulous styled heels matching my dress were designed by the magical fingers of Nuria Augapfel who is the designer and the owner of Second Life's Number one Shoe Store "N-CORE" Extreme Heel Galaxy with chain options is 795l available both on marketplace and inworld store of N-core

POSES:  Gowns and dress Static Poses I am used while standing are  by AppleSpice,can be bought as single poses (35l) or as a pack (250l), the choice is yours. Thank you Apple for enhancing our beauty with your unique Poses. Tp right now for Gowns Poses and more to Apple'S Paradise


   In order to make a short summary of the last episode, let me send you the link so that you can have an idea where we were...

    I woke up screaming "where am I, please help me" and I opened my eyes. I looked around and I was pleased to realise that I was at home in my cosy bed... And Wow that was a bad game that my brain played to me. The way back home from holiday was really tiring and I must have fallen asleep from the very moment I met my sweet bed... The sun was shining and a lonely but a beautiful day was waiting for me!!

"I am lost! I am lost! help me,
is there anybody out there!" I screamed and opened
my eyes

was it just a Dream? am I really at home!
Oh Lord!
   You are back from a holiday and the only thing that you look for is your bed! whereever you go, there is always one thing that you long for; your soft, comfy bed that flies you to the world of dreams...
    If you are looking for comfort  and magnificence for your sleeping time, then you should try Noctis' freshly released bed ,which is also a part of a set, called Spring Bower Bed. My bed has  no grass decoration but you can have this awesome bed with grass decoration as well... 
  So magnificent with the realistic look of the pillow, the puff and the green Drappe Curtains of the bed with animation  and you really feel like a princess when you  are in your bed. Omg I want to sleep in it in real life too :)) 
   Sweet Dreams with Spring Bower Bed by NOCTIS:  245l
   Antique English Rug by NOCTIS: 55l
   Nightstand: 3prims and only 55l
  Lamp: 4 PRİMS AND 70L
  Urn with Tropical Plant: 60L 
or you can have the set of this bedroom including vintage style dresser and mirror, glass secreen, wicker basket and oil lamp for such a reasonable price which is only 345l...  You can either visit one of Yelena Istmal's fantastic stores in world or purchase the whole set on marketplace.. 

 SKIN: Emilia is dazzling us with her unique beauty, the newest skin line by CheerNo Femme. She comes with a natural make up but the designers of CheerNo Femme thought every detail for you. There are amazing cosmetic enhancements for the last touch of your beautiful avatar. The eyeshadows and even lipglosses are available at the store. The  light skin line of Emilia is 990l at CheerNo Femme.. Once you've  arrived there, you will never want to leave..

Destiny Yawns..
Sweet Dreams, going to bed :))

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


     It was a lazy day and all I wanted was to look around and buy something for myself if I happen to buy. 
But I was tempted... That wasnt the plan!!
to experience this beautfiul scenery

  SKIN&SHAPE: I was tempted by the beauty of Artemis skin line and shape which are the new releases of Unique MegaStore. Artemis' beauty is so unique and so realistic that I was tempted and captured by her beauty. It was like I was hypnotised and under her spell. All I could do wass to go to do cash box and make the payment.. ( Artemis make up number 12 is 1499l (with hairbase and sexy breast options) and her delicate shape including eyes is 799l)

 DRESS:  ANd yes my second destination was Mashooka Designs, the world of style and fashion with ethnic touches. when I first enter the store I saw this new release called Aisha, a Tunic Dress available with different color options, I was captured and Tempted by the style and the colors of the dress that I went directly to the cash box to make them mine.. Aisha Tunic Dress in Mustard is 299l, available both in world store and on marketplace

 SANDALS: Aradhana Voight, the brilliant talent who is the owner and the designer of Mashooka Designs, call them Slippers&Kada, whatever their names are, they are fantastic and it is amazing that the pack includes the beautiful jewelery set I am wearing in the snapshots. Aradhana Voight is not only talented but also generous.. A big thank you to Aradhana for her unique style and for the reasonable prices. And you know what? I was tempted again by the Slippers&kada which is 199l

  And when I was ready to go back home with full of shopping bags, I was tempted by the Beauty of the Mashooka Desings Sim... The nature, the weather, the music tempted me so badly that I couldnt help myself sitting under a shadow of a tree and watch the view... I didnt know how much time I spent there, but when I came home, I was penniless ( because I was tempted by the fabulous styles of the things I bought) but a happy person who thought it was worth spending all her lindens...
   Hehe I know you were tempted, Tempted by my Beauty....
Ready to follow the steps?? :))

Friday, June 24, 2011


    SKIN:  A NATURAL BEAUTY called Pollon is the newest Grou gfit of Al Vulo. It is really amazing that you can have this fabulous beauty for free.The only thing you should do is to become a member of Al Vulo's magical world of skins&shapes.. A big thanks to Al Vulo for its fantastic group gifts

  SHAPE: A fabulous shape called Cupid by Mahli Shapes is only 50l. The designer of the shapes is really talented but the thing that mkes me wonder is that Why she doesnt make any new shapes? I am sure her followers as excited as I am. I hope Molly Kestrel wont keep us waiting for a long time. A big thanks to Molly for her fabulous Cupid shape and for its reasonable price

  DRESS:  Patricia Dress (249l) is so stylish and has an elegant look for casual wear. No doubt that it was created by the hands of  brilliantly talented designers of Kunglers, from the very moment you see the colors of the dress ( there are 5 colors available), you want to have them all and wear it for the next 5 days :)) you may think I am a maniac, but why dont you tp yourself to Kunglers and see if you feel the way I am or not! You will totally become a Kunglers Addcit and have you seen this months speical group gift??? F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C

 EARRINGS: Earrings are part of a fabulous jewelery set called Perola (400l)which is again a creation of Kunglers.. 
You can find  all you need from casual sets to formals.. Kunglers thinks all the details for you,  Just  use your imagination to make your combination...

  HEELS: so if you are a city chick like me, all you need is this pair of heels called Chic by N-CORE. N-CORE has a  huge variety of Shoe styles that, they all capture me from the very moment I stepped into the store.Chic in Bordeux  (595l) is my favourite color option in the collection. Hurry up to get your favourite color from Chic collection and the many other stylish collections of N-Core, designed for the exclusive customers of N-Core.

 EYES: Summer Breeze is the new  gift of Poetic Colors, totally free

 NAILS:Nail  set is by Trashy Girls In Style & Amore Dolce by T.G.I.S and 199l on marketplace thats where I bought it :))

Monday, June 20, 2011


   Summer has already arrived and the sun is burning us as much as she can. ın days like this I imagine myself on the top of the hills of Green Irish Heels and I feel the rain drops on my face...

   SKIN: by Mother Goose's dollarbie skin called Hena III, here
  SHAPE: a lovely shape by BND available on marketplace as well as promo item 

  TOP&JEANS: If you are looking for unique stylish clothes, then you are looking for Mashooka Designs where you will find anything you have been dream of as a reality.  Especially if you like ethnic touches in your clothing style, you are gonna love Mashooka Designs mystic environment. Anna Top in coral blue is one of the new Releases by Mashooka and it is 135l. High Jeans Aqua wash will be a good match with your coral colored top and it is 125l at Mashooka Design's Fashion Paradise.. If you need fashion with style, here is your taxi to Mashooka Designs. Too lazy to tp? then here is your link to marketplace

  BALLERINA: you love my ballerinas and you wonder where you can find these lovely shoes.. These stylish and cute ballerinas named Meena in rose are by Mashooka Designs too, they are only 295 which is a reasonable price for a pair of lovely ballerinas

  HAIR:  by Calico Inngman Baylee is another gorgeous hair with a lovely style and realistic textures is waiting for you at Calico's HAir PAradise for 200l for per hair color pack

POSES: big big thanks to Purple Poses for its unique poses with reasonable prizes. You imagine and Purple Poses make it real for you.. Visit PurplePoses today to have the best experience in sl


   SKIN: Emilia is dazzling us with her unique beauty, the newest skin line by CheerNo Femme. She comes with a natural make up but the designers of CheerNo Femme thought every detail for you. There are amazing cosmetic enhancements for the last touch of your beautiful avatar. The eyeshadows and even lipglosses are available at the store. I am wearing two of the eyeshadows I chose from the eye makeup kit which is 300l and the light skin line of Emilia is 990l at CheerNo Femme.. Once you've  arrived there, you will never want to leave..

 DRESSES: Black and white two opposite colors, one represents the evil side and the other;  the good. Like the devil and the angel inside us. Who knows when they appear! Well it is time to choose your side. House of Joi is offering you these two awesome dresses with accessories (even the head accessories) for free. If you hurry you can cahc the bus that will take you to the World'S End Garden. Ready to see the end of the world??

  HEELS: amazing heels again named Maia  ,which  take my breath away, is one of the new releases by Purrfect10 and 690l. The heels have 10 different colors at the store, each of them is looking awesome and waiting for you to make them yours.But let me warn you the shoe paradise of Purrfect 10 is turning your head from the very moment you step into the store. Dont forget to check the vip and the regular member gifts...

  HAIR: Aggy hair in sandy blonde is 300l at 69