Wednesday, June 29, 2011


     It was a lazy day and all I wanted was to look around and buy something for myself if I happen to buy. 
But I was tempted... That wasnt the plan!!
to experience this beautfiul scenery

  SKIN&SHAPE: I was tempted by the beauty of Artemis skin line and shape which are the new releases of Unique MegaStore. Artemis' beauty is so unique and so realistic that I was tempted and captured by her beauty. It was like I was hypnotised and under her spell. All I could do wass to go to do cash box and make the payment.. ( Artemis make up number 12 is 1499l (with hairbase and sexy breast options) and her delicate shape including eyes is 799l)

 DRESS:  ANd yes my second destination was Mashooka Designs, the world of style and fashion with ethnic touches. when I first enter the store I saw this new release called Aisha, a Tunic Dress available with different color options, I was captured and Tempted by the style and the colors of the dress that I went directly to the cash box to make them mine.. Aisha Tunic Dress in Mustard is 299l, available both in world store and on marketplace

 SANDALS: Aradhana Voight, the brilliant talent who is the owner and the designer of Mashooka Designs, call them Slippers&Kada, whatever their names are, they are fantastic and it is amazing that the pack includes the beautiful jewelery set I am wearing in the snapshots. Aradhana Voight is not only talented but also generous.. A big thank you to Aradhana for her unique style and for the reasonable prices. And you know what? I was tempted again by the Slippers&kada which is 199l

  And when I was ready to go back home with full of shopping bags, I was tempted by the Beauty of the Mashooka Desings Sim... The nature, the weather, the music tempted me so badly that I couldnt help myself sitting under a shadow of a tree and watch the view... I didnt know how much time I spent there, but when I came home, I was penniless ( because I was tempted by the fabulous styles of the things I bought) but a happy person who thought it was worth spending all her lindens...
   Hehe I know you were tempted, Tempted by my Beauty....
Ready to follow the steps?? :))

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