Friday, June 10, 2011


As hot as the desert sun and it makes you thirsty, right??

   SKIN&SHAPE: Ambher (Number: 05) is from the newest skin line of Unique MegaStore and for the ladies who is looking for being perfect in second life. The shape is 799l and the skin is 1499l, if you want to  have the pack ( I gurantee %100 that you will want to have the whole pack) it is 3499l. The single pack includes the brown eyes by Unique but I am using another Unique eyes which was a past gift. Here is your taxi to Unique Megastore

   BATHING SUIT: This glamorous bathing suit in bronze with two diffrent top options is this weeks lowest offer item by TrendStyle and it is only 59l, hurry up, dont miss this fantastic offer

   HAIR: fabulous hair, flowing in the summer wind called Baylee is one of the fabulous releases of calico Inngman 200l for per color pack

   HEELS: According to the Nuria Augafel (the owner and the designer N-CORE) Soul ExtremeHeel Wild Special Edition (595l) is one of her old designs, According to me, her designs never get old, they are the most stylish shoes with elegance I have ever seen in sl. A big thank you to Nuria for her fantastic designs

  POSES: Action Poses by AppleSpice Store, single poses are 35l and the pack is 250l. A big thank you to Apple for her fantastic poses. explore AppleSpice for more goodies

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