Thursday, June 30, 2011


   you are invited to a formal event and you want to be the best looking female in the room. Yes, I believe thats possible... But what?
  You are saying you are erratic, you cant even decide whether to wear something short or long!!
  I am Here to help you save the day  :))

lets see the styling tips to be the star of the night! :))

 SKIN&SHAPE: Artemis who is a goddess in greek Mytholohgy is likely to be a goddess in sl as well. Artemis skin line and shape were designed for you the exclusive customers of Unique Megastore, to make you perfectly perfect. Artemis Bronze skin line make up number 5 is 1499l and the shape is 799l. To have the most meaningful eyes in sl, take a look at Unique Megastore's wide eye color options at the store. And if you want all the make up options of Artemis the skin line is totally 3499l

  GOWN: So you need  something unique, becuase you got rid of seen the same gown on people and you hate the possiblity to see your gown on someone else. House of Dashwood thought all the tinniest details for us ladies and the designer and the ownner of  HOD Ms. Muircastle made this unique gown with a fantastic style.The gown is especially for the ones who cant decide whether to choose a short gown or a gown with a long skirt... it has both... Alaina Turquise /Zebra gown (800l) with other color options is available at the store for the ladies who have a style. A big thank you to Dashwood Muircastle for her fantastic creations 
 HEELS: Fabulous styled heels matching my dress were designed by the magical fingers of Nuria Augapfel who is the designer and the owner of Second Life's Number one Shoe Store "N-CORE" Extreme Heel Galaxy with chain options is 795l available both on marketplace and inworld store of N-core

POSES:  Gowns and dress Static Poses I am used while standing are  by AppleSpice,can be bought as single poses (35l) or as a pack (250l), the choice is yours. Thank you Apple for enhancing our beauty with your unique Poses. Tp right now for Gowns Poses and more to Apple'S Paradise

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