Sunday, June 5, 2011

WHERE AM I? (part 10)

  "FINAL DESTINATION" shouted the driver of the bus, then I realised that I had been asleep since hte begining of my journey.
   You know I was on vacation to mend my broken heart and it was time to go home. A know a quote saying "Time heals everything" and yes that was true. Now my broken heart is not aching as much as  it used to but I have this problem, What am I gonna do with my weight!!!
   Anyways lets get back to the point.
I looked around the bus was empty and it seemed I missed my stop. Now I had to find another bus that would take me home...
   I thanked the driver and got off the buss then I realised that I had no idea where I was, this place was looking a like it had been abondened a lon time ago, so in an effort I tried to stop the bus but it was poofed and I had  no idea where it went.
 All I knew was that this place was creepy and I soon found out that there was noone but me in this hell, well at least I hoped there was only me

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