Thursday, June 30, 2011


   In order to make a short summary of the last episode, let me send you the link so that you can have an idea where we were...

    I woke up screaming "where am I, please help me" and I opened my eyes. I looked around and I was pleased to realise that I was at home in my cosy bed... And Wow that was a bad game that my brain played to me. The way back home from holiday was really tiring and I must have fallen asleep from the very moment I met my sweet bed... The sun was shining and a lonely but a beautiful day was waiting for me!!

"I am lost! I am lost! help me,
is there anybody out there!" I screamed and opened
my eyes

was it just a Dream? am I really at home!
Oh Lord!
   You are back from a holiday and the only thing that you look for is your bed! whereever you go, there is always one thing that you long for; your soft, comfy bed that flies you to the world of dreams...
    If you are looking for comfort  and magnificence for your sleeping time, then you should try Noctis' freshly released bed ,which is also a part of a set, called Spring Bower Bed. My bed has  no grass decoration but you can have this awesome bed with grass decoration as well... 
  So magnificent with the realistic look of the pillow, the puff and the green Drappe Curtains of the bed with animation  and you really feel like a princess when you  are in your bed. Omg I want to sleep in it in real life too :)) 
   Sweet Dreams with Spring Bower Bed by NOCTIS:  245l
   Antique English Rug by NOCTIS: 55l
   Nightstand: 3prims and only 55l
  Lamp: 4 PRİMS AND 70L
  Urn with Tropical Plant: 60L 
or you can have the set of this bedroom including vintage style dresser and mirror, glass secreen, wicker basket and oil lamp for such a reasonable price which is only 345l...  You can either visit one of Yelena Istmal's fantastic stores in world or purchase the whole set on marketplace.. 

 SKIN: Emilia is dazzling us with her unique beauty, the newest skin line by CheerNo Femme. She comes with a natural make up but the designers of CheerNo Femme thought every detail for you. There are amazing cosmetic enhancements for the last touch of your beautiful avatar. The eyeshadows and even lipglosses are available at the store. The  light skin line of Emilia is 990l at CheerNo Femme.. Once you've  arrived there, you will never want to leave..

Destiny Yawns..
Sweet Dreams, going to bed :))

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