Wednesday, March 30, 2011


SKIN&SHAPE: by Lara Skin&Lara Shapes new release called Samantha available as a fatpack a lara Lefko’s new store at Avastars. The pack includes the shape and make up options and the price is vvery reasonable for such a beauty, 350l
MAINLAND: Lara Skin (group) by LARA LEFKO
GOWN: Goddess gown new Arrival of Sparkling Sugar by Adriana Ellison. She made these Goddess  gowns for the Goddesses of Sl. For us ladies. the gown has 4 options in white, light gold, pink and turquise colors. When I saw the white color of the gown ı thought it could be a great wedding dress. If you find a matching a veil and a bouquet, you can be the ost beautiful bride of sl… And the price is so low only 299l.
HAIR: Monique Hair by Callico Inngman, so realistic and elegant for formal gowns. And you have Lilies option you can use the hair with lillies or withou them. Both options are looking great. the color pack is 250l at Calico Inngman, Here
JEWELRY: Camilla set is the newest release by Virtual Impressions where you will find the most elegant style and affordable prices for your avatar. You know jewelry is a thing that completes a woman and Chrissy Ambrose seems like to know what we women need… The set comes with 2 different  styles, including 3 pieces or 5 pieces. The prices change between 360 and 420l. Choose your color, have your own set

Tuesday, March 29, 2011



SKIN: by Lara Lefko, Lara Skin&Lara Shapes , New Store Opening gift. Lara iss giving us to one of Samantha makeups as a gift so that we can try and see how great the whole skin pack is... Yayyyyy! Thank you so much LARA, FOR your creativity and generousity


GOWN:  by Mami Jewel AZUL. Latest group gift looking fabuluos , free for Azul members; here

HEELS: BY N-Core is a past group gift, not available now but instead you will find another amazing pair of Heels. Thank you N_core we wouldnt have had such elegant shoes without you.

HAIR: By Calico Inngman , Bella hair is not free but it is worth paying 250l. Amazing creation by Calico Inngman a fantastic designer creating unique hair styles for us... Dont forget to check the lucky chairs and Sale  hair of the week, Here


Today I want to talk to you about the latest releases of my favourite designers who are the best in their own fields.

  You know Lara Lefko, the owner and the designer of Lara Skin&Lara Shapes introduced her newest skin lines which are the best I have seen so far. And you dont have to worry about to find the shape fır this beautiful lady called Samantha coz , the shape comes with the package.. Awesome isnt it? Lara Lefko is thinking every detail for us.  You will have Samantha avatar,( including the shape) for 350l

MAINLAND: Lara Skin (group) By LARA LEFKO

  This fabulous gown By Mami Jewel, the owner and the designer of Azul ( which is my favourite formal clothing Store) is called Jeanie, the newest release, available at the store. The gown is simply stunning and  will look so elegant on you... And Dont forget to check the Help Japan Item gown that is called Esperance and there is a new group gift available for group members.. ıf you havent seen it yet, wait for my next post :) here is your Limo;

  the updo I am wearing by Calico Inngman, who is my favourite hair designer on sl. She is a great talent and keep creating new hair styles for us Ladies. The Updo I am wearing is called Monique 250l for each color pack and it comes with Lilies (looking great with Summer Gowns or even casuals ) go grab yours at Calico Inngman's Store

And my Jewelery set caought your eye, I know it s fabulous. You should see the whole set including the necklace and the crown.. You'll  feel like a princess with The new release of Virtual Impressions called Camilla. The set has 6 different options, get the one of your taste or have them all... let me remind you that each set is 420l at Virtual Impressions by Chrissy Ambrose

 Heels by Guu Nishi, the owner of Hoc Industry, Noir Stilettos are available on marketplace for 175l

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Lara is showing us her generousity by giving one of her new realise skins as the opening gift. Samantha’s make up is natural and she is the symbol of purity. And she is free at LAra Skin&Lara Shapes new store in Avastars. If you want to have Samantha shape, you should buy Samantha pack with this great shape and a great variety of makeup options

MAINLAND: Lara Skin(group) by LARA LEFKO

Purity Breaking is one of the dollarbies available in different colors at Phoenix rising. The store is still open and everything is 25l and at the entrance you will find the dollarbie section

LUNA updo is one of  Calico Inngman’s fabulous hair designs. ıts looking great with the moon and stars at the back of the hair. If you need a formal hair style, Luna is what you are looking for.  dont forget to check the discount section and lucky chairs.. The lucky initital may be yours..

Virtual Impressions by Chrissy Ambrose is offering the group members a great opportunity to have Emma Set in Tangerine only for 80l. This offer is only for group members. In order to buy Emma set in Tangerine, you should wear the group tag. If not you will have to pay the regular price.. I advise you not to miss this chance, coz it wont last forever.. Here is your chance to have your own Emma set in Tangerine


Remember me telling you that the owner and designer of Lara Skin&Lara Shapes, Lara LEFKO would be making surprises for her group members?
Yes she has kept her promise and beside her New store opening gift, she has just released her March Group gift, Georgina Avatar. Yes you have heard it right! AVATARRRR. She is giving us LAra Skin&Lara Shapes group Members this cutie Avatar for free.. Lara is showing us her genouristy again.. If you want yours please visit her Skin Paradise at Avastars.. and if you are wondering about Avastars, I will tell you more...

HAIR: by Calico Inngman's sale items till the end of this week. one pack is 100l.

DRESS:  Ode to Routine dress was freebie by Whetherby. today there is another dress for free

Thursday, March 24, 2011


 Hello Ladies,
Destiny Mollari is proud to present todays Freebies..
I have these amazing gifties and dollarbies, I wanted to share them with you right away...And there is a sale you shouldnt miss

Here is Lara's fabulous surprise for us.. Lara Lefko is offering us one of her new release skin Samantha as a gift, at her new store in Avastars. This natural beauty is looking great and free for Lara Skin&lara Shapes' elegant customers Ladies. Dont miss the opportunity to have this fabulous skin so that you will have a clue what Lara has created.. Lara Lefko thank you for your generoustiy and sharing your creativity

Adult Sim:
Mainland: Lara Skin (group) by LARA LEFKO

GOWN: by Phoenix Rising, called Coco Chanel tribute which have 3 diffrent style option only 1l here

Heels: By  N-Core used to be a group gift not available at the store now but instead there is another high heel with an elegant style

HAIR: My New Stylist is Calico Inngman you all know that. She has great realistic  hair styles and there are more. She has a freebie hair at the store and lucky chairs as well. The Joselynn hair I am wearing is the sale of the week item at the store. You can have one color pack by paying 100l instead of 200l. The Lilies not included but still belong to another hair style by calico Ingmann. Dont Miss this chance

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So are you Ready for what you are going to see????

I  have been telling you that Lara Lefko, the greatest skin designer in sl will be back soon with New Generation Skins. And she kept her promise as she always did. i begged her to blog about one of her New Preview Skins and she borrowed me Samantha who is a real beauty. No doubt that She updayted her Unique style and seems that she has created the most amazing skin releases that we can have on sl. She may not give them for free but I am sure she will make us suprises with group gifts.. So ladies You have better start counting down... COz we ll meet the new Lara Products Soon.. :)

Remember Calico Ingmann? A great Hair designer with unique hair styles... She is back too like Lara Lefko, if you havent heard yet.. She has updated her amazing creations and they are More realistic More unique and More Breath Taking. You know hair is as important as a skin Coz it completes the avatar itself. And I am really tired of seeing the same desings everwhere.. So why not trying something new and something with a style.. Do  Not be everybody, Be yourself. The hair I am wearing is called Meredith and the pack is 200l. Here

BreathTaking Samantha with Meredith hair, wearing this Fabulous gown called Hecate which has  a style.. And I really like this store called Finesmith and I think I will be goin there again, coz the desgins are so mind blowing.. And this amazing gown is a dollarbie at the store

Such a graceful Avatar with a unique skin&shape, hair, gown and Of course a unique jewelery set called Grace, by Endra Graves, Artistry..
Endra has such an elegant style offering her products to only a group of elite customers. If you want to have this opportunity here is the lm

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Japan was hit by one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded on March 11.The magnitude-9.0 quake spawned a deadly tsunami that slammed into the nation’s east coast, leaving a huge swath of devastation in its wake. And having nuclear crisis, its releasing Radioactivity by explosion of power plant.More than Ten Thousands of people are dead or are still missing or injured.
“I am living in Tokyo,  about 300Km far from Fukushima Nuclear plant. I can have almost ordinary life here, however we all Japanese have to share this situation and help victims.To help with donation by my creation – This is what I can help for now I thought.Thank you very much for help Japan.
says Azul Brand’s Owner
Mami Jewel
Her words are tender enough to touch our souls and hearts.
Japan is waiting for our support.. Coz this can be a destiny we may all share one day..
GOWN: By Azul Help Japan Item  called Esperance500l
SKIN&SHAPE: By Lara Skin&Lara Shapes,  Lara Lefko the Great who is selling her previous skins&shapes for 1l at her new store. And if you are ready, let me give you the good news… According to the latest Gossips, the new skin line will be realised on Monday.. SO let the Count Down Begin…
Yay We love you Lara
EyeShadow: BY Elegant Epiffany, MM Borad Prize
HEELS: by N-CORE, free stilettos with an elegant look and realistic textures.. Dont miss it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Its been sunny here for a week and it s like spring has already arrived… Birds singing, Sun is shining Lovers laughing and the sky is as blue as it can be… Wow I am really excited… I have new a new outfit, haristyle and shoesvto show you.. Cant wait.. Lets start

HAIR: is the lates release of Simply Britnee.. a lovely spring hair can be used as casual or formal called Camilla. It has been release with two diffrent opions so you will find Camilla and Camilla 2. The one I am wearing is Camilla 2. And the good thing is There is a %50 of discount in these hair packs for a limited time and I have one more thing to say, there is a new dollarbie at the store and you are gonna love it… I cant wait posting it ) But if you think you cant wait, here is your taxi to Simply Britnee

EYESHADOW: sweet pink by BLCKHRT. There is no inworld store so you wll do your shopping from marketplace for now. But if you like BLCKHRT designs you can encourage the owner to open a store in sl[category_id]=&search[keywords]=kex+blackheart&search[mature]=0

SKIN&SHAPE: OH MY GOODNESS! I can change my hairstyle , my shoes, my pants.. But I just cant give up on her.. Electra Skin and Lyndsay Shape are my one and only by Lara LEFKO, Lara Skin&Lara SHAPES. You all know that Lara has moved to her new store at Avastars and making the latest preparations for her new skin releases. But you still have time to buy her previous skin packs for 1l. Time is running so you had better hurry Lara Skin(group) by LARA LEFKO

OUTFIT: When spring comes, there is only one fabric I like which is Chiffon.. I like to see it flowing in the spring breeze.. That’s why I chose Gizza, for new season, The designer has created us great things made up of Chiffon and this one is my favourite.. And Flax pants in rose is going perfect wih the top. The hing is they are sold seperately, so that you can make your own combinations… I like mine… well you will pay 200l for each, top and pants. But if you dont have lindens find the group gifts, they are all amazing and free (if you dont have time to tp store)

HEELS: Alluring Stiletto in Pink is one Infiniti Mirihi’S elegant releases, not free of course but if you have lindens dont hesiate to waste for them… And there is a secret sale at the store, 5 pair of shoes were discounted to 100l, here


Monday, March 14, 2011


SKIN&SHAPE: Lara Lefko’s signature in everything we see. My favourite Electra and much more are waiting for you at Lara’S new store Lara Skin&Lara Shapes at Avastars… Everything is 1l
GOWN: White Rubber Gown is Unique in its syle and it can only belong to one name BAIASTICE By SissyPessoa.. I had mentoned her outlet store before where you can find fantastic things for your taste between 50 to 150l.. Dont forget the outlet store will be open for a limited time
HEELS: Attitude Stiletto is one of MAry Jane’S Shoes releases by Infiniti Mirihi… fantastic Stilettos for your unique style
MAKEUP: by GLAMORIZE.. It s a costemitcs store offering you a wide range of things for low prices.. You can even find Dollarbis in the sim

HAIR: By W&Y(Waka&Yuki).. A great store with full of unique hair styles, the hair I am wearing is free at the main store for a while…Here is your taxi
Yeah I am this and I am that.. I know I change a lot but thats me. I choose my style according to my mood and I am in the mood of Rock YEAHHHH!
There is one thing that remains which is I am always a Queen but this time A ROCK QUEEN!!
HAIR: Nyota Hair is by Alli&Ali available only  on markeplace for 1l. Dont miss this cute hair style
EYESHADOW&LIPGLOSS: affordable at Glamorize. The sim has rebuilt and its much more bigger than it used to be, you can find all you need there. Dont forget to stop by the Dollarbie deparment.
SKIN&SHAPE: You dont need to worry Electra you are still my favourite skin by Lara Skin&lara Shapes. Thanks to Lara Lefko I have ELectra Skin And Lyndsay Shape for 1l. they are still  available at Lara LEFKO’s New store in previous Skin pack section. Thank you so mcuh Lara for giving us the opportuniy to have these fabulous and Unique skins and shapes.. I wonder what I would do without you ….
HEELS: Attiude Stiletto is another wonder by Infiniti Mirihi, Mary Jane’s Shoes. hey are not free but they are worth paying lindens. Infiniti ‘s creativity and talent deserves it. Dont you think?
OUTFIT : I had told you that Gizza Brand is offering its customers a wide range of clothing styles from casual to formal. This outfit proves that I am right. You can find anything you need as your mood changes. The owner and the designer of Gizza is no doubt a talent and she definitely has a vision and style.. If you cant afford this oufit which 350l dont worry, you still have group gifts ;)
To see more snapshots please visit he link below