Friday, December 31, 2010

Before 2010 IS OVER

   A few days ago, I went to ALEIDA to do some shopping..I was really dissapointed to see that the store was under construction  with asign that it would be open soon. I was about to leave then A sign attracted my attention,  it was  saying "salez outlet"  I stopped. OUTLET??? :))))
  I decided to give a chance... and you wont belive the things I found there... Every clothing item belongs to Aleida,from tops, to socks even shoes....I call it outlet paradise of Aleida.. I am not dissapoined anymore :))

for sales and promo items you can follow her personal page

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


   Yesterday i got a notice telling me that one of my favourite stores was open again and there was a sale at the store...
   i had written posts about the store before and i know that most of you were sorry to hear that it was closed.. but IMANI is back... Yes you heard it right. IMANI is back....
  completely changed.. with full of amazing stuff... you want to buy them all, it is hard to  control yourself. So be careful becuase everything at the store is 10l. Including the eyes and the hair I am wering.. Hurry Up!!

   And my friends keep telling me that I always change my appereance. i just can't help it... Generous Lara Lefko is offering us a lot of options that it is really hard to use the same skin&shape all the time. Her store Lara Skin&Lara Shapes is like a heaven full of skins and shapes for 1l.. Pick your shape, modify it as you like., wear your skin as your mood wishes... Be unique with Lara Skin&Lara Shapes.. Here;

     Nude Stilettos by Guu Nihsi HOC,100l on market place

   You know I always wear Artistry jewelry sets, because they are all elegant and piece of art... Endra Graves is designing unique jeweleries for her elegant customers and I am so happy to know her...

Sunday, December 26, 2010


  I have become red maniac,because of Christmas... I really look lovely, dont i?Red is my color now....

    Beautiful Electra Skin&Shape is by Beautiful Lara Lefko.. The pack includes both the skin&the shape and you will pay only1l for this fabulous design.Lara is such a generous dsigner that she is giving her previous skins and shapes for cheap prices... the same for all. you dont have to pay thousands to look beautiful in sl...just 1l and Lara's magical fingers will make you a Queen...

    The sparkling mini dress is free by Trashy elegant

     Fab-u-lous is giving this lovely hair for free at the store.. Don't miss your present

     The ring is 1l at Glow Studio

    Wet Brick lips is part of a pack called Dirty babe Lips 30l

Friday, December 24, 2010


   Remember me telling you that more gifts were on the way??? wow this combination I made feels me like I am an elegant christmas gift box.. Don't you think so?

   Fabulous Cherry Skin& Claire Shape are dollarbies by fabulous Lara Lefko, Lara Skins&Lara Shape... Lara is giving her previous season skins almost for free, we are lucky,'coz the skin boxes includes diffrent make up options and fabulous shapes.... So Lara is giving a lot of Chrsitmas gifties for 1l.....Thank you Lara.. You are Number 1 ;)

   Gold eyes are part of Bsn Deep eyes fat pack on marketplace for 30l

   Hair was Hair Voting present by Alli&Ali, of course no longer available but other gifties can be found

    This elegant Christmas Party dress is the generous christmas gift by Sissy Pessoa, Baiastice.. When you land the sim, you will see a christmas tree.. You will find the gifts under the tree. Two for females, two for males...Hurry up :)

    And Glamorous Jewelry Set Named Noor is By Endra Graves, Artistry... I really adore her desgins.. They are luxurious and elegant... Everything that a woman needs...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010



     Lara Lefko, the briliant talent, is doing us a favour giving all her last season skins for 1l.. Some of the packs include diffrent make up styles and shapes.. So we are really lucky to have Lara Lefko, Lara Skins&Lara Shapes for offering us this opportunity to have amazing skins and shapes without paying thousands or hundreds
:)) The skin I am wearing is electra and she comes with her modelling shape.. But the Shape is not electra's own shapes I mixmatched and Created my own Goddes who is Destiny Mollari :)))
   So it is time for you to create your own beauty thanks to Lara Lefko... Just follow the link and find the hidden paradise under the water

   The second offer is coming from Diav Draconia, Diavlicious... This cute present dress will be on a limited sale during the day and at the end of the day, you wont be able to buy it for 25l... It is the cutest dress I have seen so far and you really shouldnt miss this offer.. And a warning! please be careful while wearing this dress, coz I believe a lot of people will go to Divalicious to have this cutie present dress today :))

  D!va is giving two gifties for us ladies.. One is for Christmas the other is for the 8000 member celebration.. They are both amazing as you can see :)) Hurry up to get yours and dont forget to check the lucky boards..

  Red Heels are free by Tara Designs.. This place is really great where you can find cheap but highly textured shoes... Amazing. and one more thing that I like about Tara  is that there are a lot of MM boards giving you most of the shoes for free 

  Bleeding Fire lips is from the dirty babe lipgloss pack, the latest release of Glamorize.. 30l 

I am sure Santa will be bringing more gifts for us, Coz we have been good girls all year ;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


 Yeah, you are all invited to the greatest christmas party in sl at Popubase/PopuClub.. Popubase is a new sim offerng people opportunities to explore, to have acomodation for free or to help you set up your own business... But there is more.. You should just come and experinece yourself...
 And this lovely people ( Popubase Family) has organised a great Christmas party starting with Phil Setner ( he will be on the stage with his tneder voice for an hour and will sing only for us)
 No invitation cards, you should only pick your red gown(coz formal clothing is required) and a matching mask :)) and take the limo to Popubase.. There will be a contest named Best couple in reds.. so you d better pick your dress carefully and who knows you may be the winner :))
  Here are some options for you

Likka house is gving a flowing christmas dress with leg warmers

 Paralel Love is giving a simple but elegant dress for the ones who prefer simple beauty.......... 
and the store is closing so there is a closing sale, dont miss it

Angelwing has promotions and this gorgeous dress was 20l when I bought it.. But dont worry, every day there is a diffrent item on sale and there are gifts that Santa gives..

and Dont forget to visit Passion4fashion, since there are amazing gowns and they are very cheap only 10l :)

And Phoenix rising... Wow you will find elegant reds there.. just Tp:)) BTW, gowns are 25 l 

   And dont worry about your Chrsitmas Make up... Just find  Lara Lefko, Lara Skins&Lara Shapes and tell her that you are my friend and you need to be perfect.. She will make your dreams come true.. But you will pay 1l for skin and 1l for the shape.. you have a lot of options.. Pick one and be the queen of the night :))

and you part limo when you are ready...

Sunday, December 19, 2010


 I am sure you all noticed that people especially women have been wearing reds or greens.. Well I thought why not making a difference and wear purple? :)) and what I see is something cool

         Boots are ADVC hunt price by Gos, free

       Purple Dress is Gf Design's holiday gift for subscribers (necklace included)

      Hair is Christmas gift of D!va...
      Nails are Candy Nail's recent group gift.. you will find one more and dont forget to check the lucky boards

Trinity Skin and Zoe Shape are only the small part of Lara Lefko's art..She is brilliant, having the ability to create the most stunning skins and shapes in sl.....Besides she is ready to share them wih us and she is not asking you to pay a fortune for her art.. just 1l..unbelievabl but true.. She has a diffrence. She is the owner of Lara Skins& Lara Shapes... She is LARA LEFKO

Winter Fun

Have you been to WinterFest?well if you haven't, i strongly recommend you to go there with your family or the special one.. My Bf took me there and we had so much fun while exploring the sim..
 Here  are some snapshots that we took

     Hair ornament is By Loq, christmas gift for group members and available at the enterance of the store

   Hair isDecember group gift of Heart Softens, Here;

  Sweater has two options male&female free at Whetherby's 5th Avenue till the end of the day

  Short jeans with wool socks are part of a full outfit which is a sale item at Timmy's... everything xcept for a few gowns are 10l..

    Fluffy Boots are freeon marketplace and different colors are available

   This winter beauty is called Trinity and her delicate shape is Zoe, delicate like a crystal... And a delicate sould created these beauties... Lara Lefko you are the greatest, most talented skin designer in sl... Thanks for sharing your art with us and almost for free... 
 1l each at Underwater store of Lara Skin&Lara Shapes