Wednesday, December 8, 2010


 I presonally am not a winter lover.. I actually hate it, no offense... And wedding in winter season.. brrrrrrrr, cold and it seems impossible for me... I must be a spring bride... But I thought about the others who were about get married in sl.. I had responsibilities... and I found this gorgeous wedding dress for the winter brides... wow it really makes me look like a winter Nymph... there is something magical in the way I look, dont you think??

  The fabulous gown is December group gift of Lillou Designs... If you want to have the Ice Queen's gown,take the sleight that will take you there

  My porcelain Skin called Electra is 1l by Lara Lefko, Lara Skin&Lara Shapes, and my delicate shape Zoe is 1l as well.. I dont know what I would do without Lara, since she is offering us the most realistic, stunning and the cheapest skins in sl... Become an Ice Queen with Electra Skin.. catch the Sleight

 my eyes are from Bsn Deep eyes pack set that is 30l on marketplace

 My heels are from N-Core, you wont believe but they are free, if you catch Santa's Sleight.. Hurry up :=))

 Snowflake jewelery set i by cartton Kids and free on marketplace.. 

  Still they dont change the fact that it is freezing outside... BRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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