Monday, January 31, 2011


  You know Sl is a hunt Paradise, one begins before the other ends... I have been busy with hunting the prizes of Touch of Sensuality.. And you can realise how I have changed in a few days... I became a vamp Queen... This is not a free hunt dont forget that you have to pay 10l to get the red leaves...

hair: TOSH by Mz Animations, the hair comes with hair bases and in different colors... Adorable

 Dress: TOSH by Meghindo, it has 3 diffrent skir options, dont miss it...

 Heels: this is the best part I like, coz I am a MJS's lover... I adore all the creations there and I was really happy when I first heard that Infiniti Mirihi would join the hunt... Dont miss the chance to have Blissful Stiletto Black Glitter, coz you can never have them for such a cheap price... :)

Jewelry: Well I am sorry to say that Noor set is not part of the hunt, but I assure you Artistry offers you the most elegant and Unique Jewelery in sl, becuase endra Graves has a great vision and the talent to make your dreams come true...

Skin&Shape: You are lucky coz Queen Larissa and Lyndsay shape are not included in the hunt... you know why? coz you dont have to pay 10l for each.. just pay1l for each and get the most fabulous and unique skin in sl... You dont have to be afraid to see your imitation or twin sister in sl.. Coz there will be only you with Lara SKins&lara Shape..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


  I love Wednesdays, coz Diav Draconia, Diavolicious makes a discount on a special dress every wednesday... I am amazed every wednesday and cant wait for the next.... Here we are with this gorgeous one..
Sheendy dress is Wednesday special for 25l. dont miss this lovely dress coz We are still living the Wednesday :))

  Lovely Bernice Hair was gift by Alli&Ali, which is my favourite hair store.. Now you can find the dark prurple version of the hair on marketplace for 1l as well as other promo hairs by paying only 1l for each.. And visit the store for the new group gifts and hair voting presents...

  And my Heels.. Call them Heels, Stilettos I dont know words are not enough to describe these amazing things created by Infiniti Mirihi, mary jane Shoes..Mjs Attitude Stiletto in Sepia is the lates release can be found at Mjs store... Wow, thank you Infiniti for your wild imagination... They are the Greatest

  Eyes are By Imani Designs one of my favourite stores in sl where you can find all you need.. and you will pay for 5ls. enjoy your shopping Ladies

Queen Larissa Skin pack, Lyndsay Shape and more are  wonders by Lara Lefko, Lara Skins&Lara Shape.. She is still giving her previous season skin packs and shapes for 1l at Popubase underwater store... So take a deep breath and dive into this skin and shape paradise of Lara Lefko... And while you are there dont forget to   explore Noob Central Sim... You will find another world in sl... Lara Skin (group) by Lara LEFKO

Friday, January 21, 2011



   Skin&Shape: Fabulous Electra skin so pure and Lyndsay Skin so Delicate are miracles of Lara Lefko, Lara Skins&Lara Shape.I call them miracle coz I am pretty sure that noone would give her fabulous creations for almost free. You dont have to pay a fortune to have the best skin and shape  in sl.. Lara is offering us her skins and shapes only for 1l. Choose yours and be unique....


     Dress: Fall into Decay Season Hunt price... (hint, look for the biggest snowman)

   Hair: Simply Britnee New release called Aina by Britnee Hadlee, Britnee made a speical discount for this new release, you can have the hair pack only for 100l, if you really like it like me. And if you really like it, there is no point in waiting.. Hurry up to get your pack, coz the sale is for a limited time...

 Heels: By Mary Jane Shoes, Infiniti Mirihi, she has been working so hard really to keep her customers satisfied, these are her new release called Attitude Stilettos... fabulous. And I heard a gossip that she would join a hunt soon and would give one of her products for 10l... I cant wait  for it :))

Thursday, January 20, 2011


  Gorgeous Electra by Lara Lefko Lara Skins&Lara Shape, the apple of my eye.. She is my favourite skin and she will always be my number 1..
I would do anything for her to make her a goddess... And I did... I found the best dress,the best shoes and  best hair...
 She deserves the best and she always has it...
and Lara Lefko still offers us to have her fascinating skins and shapes for 1l, because she believes we deserve the best... My goddes is Electra and my gorgeous shape is Lyndsay 2l... Beautiful and Unique... exactly what everyone needs in sl...

 Flower Dreams is a great store full of fabulous dresses and gowns with flowing texture reminding me the summer breeze...dont ask me the prices of the gowns but there is a special offer for  the Nypmh Dress in black and white, the price is 250l... And I am sure we ll be hearing the new sales and offers from Nile Karas soon, since she is part of Steals and Deals group... Electra loved Nypmh.. Like a fairy tale, she dreamed that she was a nymph, for a while...

 Have you seen my Heels??? Stunning arent they??? they are the lates releases by Infiniti  Mirihi, Mary Jane Shoes.. Electra couldnt believe her eyes, when she first wore the heels... and a big wowww.. She was captivated by their beauty and we didnt talk over it.. We just got the pack... We have all the colors.. but the Purple Strapped Stiletto is the recent Group gift of Mary Jane Shoes.. thats the good news if you dont have lindens :)) and I have more, every Monday to Wednesday, Infiniti organizes a special discount hunt.. some of the heels will be sold for 100l, all you have to do is to search for them..
dont forget the hunt and good Luck :)

 And the Hair I am wearing is the latest release by Britnee Hadlee, Simply Britnee.. you know designers normally sells their new releases for high prices.. Britnee is giving her new design for 100l and I am not talking about one color pack,I am talking about the fat pack wth a lot of color options... Amazing.. Dont miss this chance, coz I dont think it will last long...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am ON FIRE!!

   Have you tread the Book Hunger Games? the second series of the book is called Catching Fire... And when I look at the snapshots it reminds me of the young girl named Katniss. A girl trying to save her People..If you havent read the books, I advise you to buy them right away... You will love it..
      I am on fire... This new dress of  Wednesday is full of Passion, Confidence, Anger.. I feel like I have the control..And more I feel Dangerous....Just like Katniss
    So I am warning you, If you touch me, I WILL BURN YOU!...


   Amazing Costume ( the girl dancing with fire) is Wednesday special by Diavolicious for 25l... hurry up because the offer will be gone on thursday...Thank you Diav for this amazing Katniss Costume,, only you could have imagined and made it real

  And I am almost like Katniss, in Lara Lefko's amazing skin Electra and delicate Shape Lyndsay.. Electra has never been that secudtive, passionate and Dangerous... Thank you so much Lara Lefko by offering us the cheapest and the most realistic skins in sl... All the skins on vendors are still available for 1l...

 And this is exactly Katniss' hair... New Hair release by Alli&Ali on marketplace is sold for 1l... amazing hair texture... and Unisex... :)

 Nails and Lipsitck by Glamorize

And all I need is Peta!!
do you want to know who really they are... Go and buy the first book Hunger Games....

Saturday, January 15, 2011


   It s really important in life that you shouldnt miss the opportunity once you catch it.. Thats exactly who Queen Larissa is... and I already introduced her to you... She is one of Lara Lefko's dream creatures..A skin and shape everyone wants to have...and I know one is never enough we always want for more... Here is the lm of Lara's skinand shape paradise, enjoy  .)
 We have been looking around lately trying not to miss a sale.. A few days ago we had an alert telling us that Ibizarre moved to its new place and there is a %50 discount at the store, till Sunday...
    Our limo took us there and we were amazed by what we saw...Stylish clothes everywhere, making you want to have them all.... Larissa is so greedy that she asked me to buy all  the things she tried on... I shouldnt go shopping with her ever again especially to Ibizarre  or I will go bankrupt :P
 Most of the items on sale are 50 or 75 but  not more than120l. dont miss this chance coz it knocks your door   once..

 And wow today we really spent lindens but everything we bought  was worth paying... We discovered a shoe store as well, the most elegant and realistic shoes I have ever seen in sl. I was really amazed by the things I saw and Larissa insisted on buying the three new releases at the store.. How could I resist nowthat they were  beautifully designed and   I am a shoe maniac.... when we got out of the  store we were penniless but happy, coz we had 3 dream shoes... believe me it is worth every linden you will pay... Coz when we walk    , we can feel the jealousy of the women aroud and the admiration of the man..


And this is called Self-confidence Ladies..
We are beautiful in Lara Lefko's skins&Shapes ,wearing stylish clothes by Ibizarre and elegant shoes by Mary Jane Shoes....
what else a lady could need??? :)

Friday, January 14, 2011


Queen Larissa and I took a walk around  the Eifell Tower a few  days ago and found these freebie dresses by
Paris Metro in 4 different colours... elegant and remind me of the old days of Paris...

 Skin&Shape: Queen Larissa and Lyndsay Shape is by Lara Lefko at Lara Skins&Lara Shape in Popubase...
                      Unique,elegant and realistic skins and shapes are waiting for you.. ( 1l )

Gowns: Available in 4 different colours for free by Paris Metro

 Hair is recent group  gift by Alli&Ali for free, of course if you are a group member

 This stunning jewelery set is by the most talented jewelery designer I know in sl, Endra Graves.. the set called   The Queue one of my favourites but it is really  hard to choose among all those beautiful and elegant sets..