Saturday, October 30, 2010


    two reasons  to count the minutes...
1st there are only minutes left for Phoenix Rising to farewell to Sl.. you know when today is over it will be gone forever..( all items are 1l or 25l) So hurry up to pick up your needs while you can since this is your only chance... I did my shopping .. now its your time...

   Hair is A*S Design dollarbie item, here

 Irresistable  Shoes are by urban girl all colors and other styles are 10l all together...

 Nails are by Glamorize 2l for each color

 Queen Larissa is the recent gift by Lara Lefko, including 7 make ups and 4 shapes... all you need to do is to tp yourself to Lara Skin&Lara Shapes Store at Keswick and have this gorgeous gift... Thank you so much Lara Lefko

  Well the second reason is there is a big Halloween Party at Popubase...I will be dancing with the spooky ghosts, talking to terrfiyng vampires and refreshing my makeup with witches :)) wow the party will be will start 10 am I guess.. well I am putting some pics of the place so that you  can have an idea about how funny it will be... If you want to come join us, justs end me an im tomorrow and I ll send you the taxi.... have you chosen your costume yet??? :)))

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


  Wow dont miss this gorgeous Halloween gown by PAris Metro Design, since it s free for a limited time.. great choice for a Halloween Party, isnt it?

  Black boots were 10l in september now they are 50l.. but so realistic and it is worth paying 50l for these boots..

  Hair was free gift of Analog Dog, now you ll find the same bubbles with different freebies inside, you ll find shorter version of this hair under the name of baby Chocolate..  you will love them

 Queen Larissa is a great macth with the costume, she is as stunning as ever, thanks to Lara Lefko, Lara Skin&Lara Shapes for this great skin coming with 7 make up options and 4 shapes.. Here:

 Eyes are Umedama holic new store opening gift.. you ll find the eyes in a basket at the enterance...

Monday, October 25, 2010


  Huns hunts hunts... I love them.. they are the reason why i am alive... 

  Flirt has a hunt gift of Fashion and Decor Affiar hunt.. well you will look for a pink heart and you will find a lot of heart at the stairs.. you should try eac of them to find the real one. Good luck :)

  Now Queen Larissa is in her red lips Make up... She is really adorable.. aww Lara Thank you so much, as I w-always say you are the greatest: queen Larissa is recent group gift by Lara Lefko, Lara Skin&Lara Shapes at Keswick...

  Yuri2 Carrot hair is lucky board item at D!VA, here

  Balck eyes and bllack nails are by glamorize.. Eye pack is 1l andBlack Nails are only 2l

  Velvet black stilettos are 10 at Urban girl. There is a sale at the moment. dont miss it.. Shoes and certain outfits are 10l


   Halloween, halloween... except for all those creery things, you find amazing things as well.. Like the  ones at Aleida's store... I  love her designs..
  And did you know that Aleida  was giving 5 free pumpkins full of amazing stuff in them ?? just walk around the store and grab your pupmkins for halloween.. I have mines :))

 My Highness Queen Larissa is Lara Lefko's new gift for Lara Skin Group members.. She is coming with 7 make up and 4 shapes options.. Dont miss her..

 Silver eyes(10l Pack) and Vine it up nails are 2l at Glamorize

 Hair CHisa is by D!VA, you will find her on lucky boards.. maybe the lucky initial is yours :))

 Velvet Black Stilettos are by Urban Girl and only 10l for each pair

Sunday, October 24, 2010


  Here is my surprise for you.. you wont believe this... Purple moon is giving a great group gift as the celebration of 4000 members... The gown is called Amanda in red and it s really amazing... The group membership fee is 50l

  you know this goddess skin I wrote a post about her yesterday.. She is a Queen, Queen Larissa 7 make up and 4 shapes given free by Lara Lefko,Lara Skin&lara Shapes at Keswick

  Hair Monday Cherry, was free by Analog Dog by the beach, if I am not wrong there is another free bubble full of great hair styles.

 October leaf eyes are by Ibanez, New store opening gift

 Heels are by KKBB, vinly laced heels Gold, only 10l  

Saturday, October 23, 2010


  Hello ladies,
I got this notice a couple hours ago and finsihed my shopping.. well certain complete sets and single items are being sold for 10l for a limited time... I like them all, and chose my favourites for you...

 and another shocking notice from Lara Skin group and a big wowwww for gorgeous skin Queen Larissa Skin and Shape... Lara is giving 4 shapes and 7 skins as group gifts for the members at Keswick... Larissa is a real queenn and so is Lara Lefko... Thank you Lara over and over... I can't wait to get the next gift... 

  hair styles are by Truth hair, 250l for each pack

I got another notice and you wont belive it when I tell you tomorrow... wait for it :))

Friday, October 22, 2010


  I have just finished the Tea hunt.. well the place is terribly Laggy but I have found great things.. Pay 1l for the black boxes around the sim.. everything except for the skin and the eyes is the part of hunt

Cherry Skin is dollarbie by lara Lefko, Lara Skin&Lara Shapes at Popubase underwater store... you will find other dollarbies as well as Cherry and they are all amazing Lara Skin (Group) by Lara Lefko

 Hazel eyes are freebies by Ibanez eyes... ( may not be available at the new store but there is an eyebag gift)


 what about finding 13 little ghosts hidden at Paranoir? wow it was so much fun... Look what I found:

   Hat, boots, two witch costumes and hair are part of Ghost Hunt, you will look for little ghost hidden outside and inside of the store... good luck! :)
  PS: It took only 5 minutes of mine to complete the hunt

  Virgin Skin is Dollarbie by LARA LEFKO, LARA SKIN&LARA SHAPES  at Popubase underwater is your Submarine :)) Lara Skin (Group) by Lara Lefko