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Sunday, August 5, 2012


SKIN: Scarlet Light Skin J4 is available for 5 more days @ VINTAGE FAIR, by JSYLILO

HAIR: Pandora is the newest hair style by ICONIC HAIR, which is simply my new favourite, 300L for each colour pack

EYES: Horizon eyes dark turquoise are August group gift by IKON

ACCESSORY SET: The Marina set is 375L, and the price of the pieces starts from 75L,
 ARTISTRY by ~ E ~ 

DRESS: Nochness Gown Bailey is PINK RIBBON FAIR exclusive item by ELMONT

SHOES: Rose Shoes including 12 colours in a pack is 690L by REDGRAVE

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


SKIN: Indy is a breathtaking beauty NEW by ESSENCES, 1500L, The lipstick pack is 250L

EYES: Past group gift by IKON, the new gift will be out this Friday

HAIR: Liana hair in 4 colors is HAIR FAIR giftie by LOLLIPOPZ

JEWELLERY SET: The Deborah set (also includes bracelet)  with its stunning and unique style is 450L by
ARTISTRY by ~ E ~ 

DRESS: Gown Dress is looking fabulous by NOUS VOUS, available @ VANITY FAIR event

NAILS: Classic Nails pack is by IZZIE'S, 199L

Thursday, July 26, 2012


 SKIN: Indy Skin in pale blond , is a goddess if you ask my opinion, is NEW,1500L for per tone pack,Lipstick pack is 250L by ESSENCES, Inka Mexicola

HAIR: Gingerbread pack is the SHOP OF COLLECTION item by LOQ HAIR as TDR BLUE item

ACCESSORY: The Jordan Set also includes a necklace, is available @ HOPE FOR EMILIA FUNDRAISER EVENT and THE MAINSTORE 375L by ARTISTRY by ~ E ~ 

GOWN: Such a fabulous gown from PARIS METRO Couture, named  You are a Goddess in fuschia is UNBELIEVABLE but totally FREE as a GIFT  only available @ THE NEST Jazz Club... Dazzle the gentlemen around you with your fantastic gown while you are enjoying the music

Thursday, July 19, 2012


SKIN: Moana in rosy pale is ONE VOICE FUNDRAISER event exclusive item by ESSENCES

HAIR: Silvia Dark browns pack is 250L by AMACCI HAIR

JEWELLERY: The Deborah Set is gorgeous with its unique pieces, now on a sale for 225L, you can get the pieces seperately, the necklace is 125L, earrings 37L, Bracelet is 87L @ Artistry by ~ E ~ 
The entire store is on sale %50 discount.. Dont miss it coz the sale will end soon

GOWN: Paula Gown in beige is fabulous and NEW by PURPLE MOON CREATIONS, 495L

POSES: by PURPLE POSES, 15L single poses, 100L packs

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


SKIN: Serena in rosy pale is 800L as  pack, you can find the matching make up sets for 199 for each by ESSENCES

EYES: Grenada eyes are last month's free group gift by IKON, wait till tomorrow to get the new group gift

HAIR: Silvia is my favourite hair style @ AMACCI HAIR, 85L for per colour pack, the store is on sale

JEWELLERY SET: Such a gorgeous set called Tyne, 375L by Artistry by ~ E ~ 

GOWN: New Dawn Gown in nude soo beautiful by :: PM ::  free as the group gift

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


SKIN: Moana in pale, as you all know my favourite ESSENCES skin lately is 800L. The eyeshadow and lipgloss packs including 10 options are 199L for each

HAIR: Bet dark pack is 25L as SALE item by ANALOG DOG HAIR

JEWELLERY SET: This stunning set is originally named The Black Orlov Set for 1000L, this set is specially designed for me in rose diamond and I guess i can call it The Rose Orlov by Artistry by ~ E ~ 

NAILS: French Nails are free for the group members of LE FORME

GOWN: Withney Gown is Femboy Hunt Prize by SASSY!

Monday, July 2, 2012


 SKIN: Gorgeous Sui is one of the two beauties joined ITGILRS ' family  recently, Sui is available in 3 different tones, I am wearing summer tone which comes as a pack including the shape ( not wearing in the pics) and make up options which are all fantastic. 990L

HAIR: Silvia dark browns pack is on sale like the rest of all colour packs in AMACCI HAIR, 85L

ACCESSORY: The Dagmar set in Blue diamond is so precious and classy by Artistry by ~ E ~ 750L, you can have your favourite pieces sepeately if you like

GOWN: Angel Jade is stunning has just been released by AZUL, Mami Jewel available @ 

Friday, June 29, 2012


SKIN: Moana the Goddess in rosy Pale is 800L as  a pack and cosmetics sets are 199L for each,all and more available @ ESSENCES

HAIR: Rina Hair Dark brown pack is gorgeous by AMACCI HAIR, 85L at the moment

JEWELLERY: The Black Orlov set is a masterpiece designed for the exclusive customers
 by Artsitry by ~ E ~  

GOWN: Ponchituti onyx is stunning by AZUL as the new release for 800L

Friday, May 11, 2012


SKIN&SHAPE: Grace is the newest beauty by [ HUSH ] Skins, I am wearing Natural skin of Grace which comes as a pack including 6 skin tones, cleavage options and shape for 950L, THE FAT PACK is 2375L

HAIR: Ode browns pack is 250L by SHAG HAIR

ACCESSORY: The Helena Set is (normaly inclues necklace but I am not wearing ) 225L by 
Artsitry by ~ E ~

DRESS: Tank Backless Dress in purple is NEW by TWINS FASHION, 209L

SHOES: Supergirl plastic pumps in purple is NEW by MAAI, 230L

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Dear Mom,
I am in Solaria now, suhc a gorgeous  place with welcoming people and delicious food. So many things to discover
Today I found the chance to take a tour around the village and I was amazed by what I saw...
In most pcis, I am the one who’s taking photograph, but Sweet took a couple  of  photos for me to send  you...
I’ will write you more  in a few days...
Big hugs for you & dad

SKIN&SHAPE: Lily with seduce make up from Cream  pack, is 950L, with her gorgeous shape and cleavage options by [ HUSH]

HAIR: Jessica hair Chestnut pack is 150L by SIXTYNINE

ACCESSORY: The NAvi Set is NEW by Artistry by ~ E ~ for 375L, you can also buy your favourite pieces as single items 

TOP:  Colour De Mexico Mesh top is BEST DESIGNER EXILE exclusive item by :::LP:::

PANTS: Capri Lepore in cream is my favourite piece from COLDLOGIC for 

EYEWEAR: Holly Sunglasses soo gorgeous with fantastic details, NEW by REDGRAVE , 390L

POSES: Fantastic poses from Purple Poses with such great prices...
A big thanks to Audrey Guter

Saturday, April 28, 2012


SKIN&SHAPE: A gorgeous beauty called Lily, is NEW by [ HUSH ], I am wearing Lily Bewitched in vanilla for 950L. The Set comes with 6 different tones, brows, cleavage options and the modifiable shape of Lily... Fat packs are 2375L... 

HAIR: Paper essentials collection is 280L by ELIKATIRA

ACCESSORY SET: A Stunning set called Payton, is  NEW by Artistry by ~ E ~ , the set includes, the bracelet, earrings and the necklace for 375L. You can also buy the pieces of the set individually starting from 75L to 200L

DRESS: Whimsy Dress in Iris , sooo lovely by 1 HUNDRED available at Flawless Spring sale for 100L

SHOES:  Milano Pumps were past TDR item by YS&YS for 70L, not available anymore

POSES: Awesome poses available at PURPLE POSES as pose packs or single items for the most reasonable prices in sl

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Nile Karas, the owner and the designer as the  brilliant  talent of FLOWERDREAMS CREATIONS,  showed her generoustiy, by sending the group members this amazing gown as a  gift for FREE..
It's amazing to have such a stunning gown so unique and sexy for free.. Just like a dream..
What's more, she added this awesome skin called Bella, which made this gift more precious...
Visit her fantastic store today to have these gorgeous gifts
and be ready to be amazed..

HAIR: Thai Me Up colour packs are 250L by SHAG HAIR

JEWELLERY SET: Christy set is NEW and brings you the freshness of the spring by Artsitry by ~E ~ 

SHOES: Pisa Shoes are so classy by SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR for 795L