Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Nile Karas, the owner and the designer as the  brilliant  talent of FLOWERDREAMS CREATIONS,  showed her generoustiy, by sending the group members this amazing gown as a  gift for FREE..
It's amazing to have such a stunning gown so unique and sexy for free.. Just like a dream..
What's more, she added this awesome skin called Bella, which made this gift more precious...
Visit her fantastic store today to have these gorgeous gifts
and be ready to be amazed..

HAIR: Thai Me Up colour packs are 250L by SHAG HAIR

JEWELLERY SET: Christy set is NEW and brings you the freshness of the spring by Artsitry by ~E ~ 

SHOES: Pisa Shoes are so classy by SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR for 795L

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