Wednesday, April 18, 2012


A new place and a new beginning with my new love....
I spent all afternoon, furnishing my big living room and I am enjoying my new masterpiece...
Well done Destiny, I tell myself..
 You deserve a comfortable seat, you are really tired.. what about having a nap on this soft couch?

Then I hear the doorbell ringing... OMG!! It's him..
 Wait, that hot masseur boy again?? Omg.. Is he really my sweetheart? It's hard to believe he is mine.
I don't care about anything but being in his arms

 ohh his smell, makes me dizzy... This time I am whispering the words to his ear...

And he begins reading poems with his angelic voice
No no no no, please dont make me fall asleep
want to stay with you...
"It's okay baby" he says
"I will be here when he open your eyes"
And I open my eyes, to face the truth; that it was nothing but a dream..

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