Saturday, April 28, 2012


I have always been an Ireland fan... I dont know the reason is why if its because of the splendid views or the fantastic Irish music going great with Guiness, but I mostly find myself looking for Ireland sims in sl...
Well, like in rl, I should warn you that you should take your umbrella with you...
Coz in a min, the grey clouds above you, may bring you rain, more than you expect..

SKIN: Poki2 is Lucky board skin by MOTHER GOOSE'S I am not sure if the skin is still there but I know there are   
lots of amazing skins for free

HAIR: Garden Blondes pack is 250L by ELIKATIRA

RAINCOAT with BOOTS: Those cute stuff I am wearing are past hunt Prize by [ Kloka ] from last year which means not available at the moment :(

And I specially want to thank Winter Thorn for her amazing posing props, She is such a brilliant talent that she keeps captivating me with her fantastic designs..

OXFORD BICYCLE is partially mesh item which is wearable and ridable.. When you stop, you avatar keeps animated, looking around or standing, which looks so cool...
It's time to explore outside?? Right?
Oxford Bicycle is available in lovely colours both for boys and girls for 400L by WHAT NEXT

RAIN POSING PROPS: Let it Rain Pose Props are NEW 300L by WHAT NEXT! available both for boys and girls with different coloured umbrellas.  Each pack includes 10 poses for you to enjoy Second Life's spring Rain.. These awesome packs are also available on marketplace and
So, Let it rain :))

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