Friday, March 30, 2012


Dear Alice,
It is like I am in paradise... It is still like a dream... No killer vampires, no werewolves, just me and Edward... And the Esme Island
I want to thank you guys all for giving us the opportunity to spend our honeymoon on such a great place..
 Especially the house...
     Edward is preapring me breakfast every morning.. It s strange but did you know he was a fantastic  cook? J I love his delicious omlette
We watch the endless ocean that gives me the feeling of peace, especially watching Edward’S glittering skin under the sun, still captures me.. We spend so much time in the big living room where we can watch the ocean view and hear the sound of the waves... No sound but natures, we keep  staring each other no words needed and I fall asleep in Edward’s arms . When I wake up I catch him watching me and he says he misses me while I am asleep...
This island and this house is paradise and this is our dream... A dream from which  I will never ask to wake up
Big hugss
Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

HOUSE:   Wayan III Beach House is  a fantastic house not a house but your dream home partly furnished ( the kitchen and the bathroom set ) by MAVEN HOMES . Dont miss to get the opportunity to live in such a classy beach house with security, window and light  menu. The pool is an,mated so you can have your parties by the pool.. See the item in world or check it on marketplace.. You will be captivated .

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Thursday, March 29, 2012


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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


SKIN&SHAPE: I am a big twilight fan, and when REDGRAVE released The new Bella Avatar pack, there was no one in sl more happier than me. She was the best and the most realistic one.. But the other part f her was missing... Edward..
Finally Emilia Redgrave gave us the good news that Edward pack was finally out... my dreams did come true.. He was standing there in front of me, just like the real one... And now they are together.. Like they will be forever...

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Monday, March 26, 2012


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Sunday, March 25, 2012


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Saturday, March 24, 2012


Well, it was a hard winter season for all of us I guess. Never ending snow and rain, freezing weather..
those are things I honestly dont like but now the sun is shining and the nature is awakening. 
And this is the reason why I am moving to my secret paradise...
I was looking for a place where I can welcome stunning summer, and I found this amazing house.
Well more than a house; a paradise

Cain Maven, the owner and designer of MAVEN HOMES designed this fantastic place with the more realistic features... The house has a big airy living room with an open kitchen. One of the best things about the house is that basic things comes with the rezz pack; like the bathroom and the kitchen.. You dont need to worry about buying a matching kitchen and bathroom set. You just deal with the details. There is one bedroom ( well big enough for two :D ) with opening doors so that you can get the smell of the fresh ocean air. Waking up a day with the sounds of waves... And in the afternoon having  party by the pool and enjoy the jacuzzi.... Someone should bring me my martini...

 No need to talk about the security system with radar, light and window options...
You can set the window privacy mode, lock your doors or decide who to welcome your home
With all these amazing features and more The WAYAN III Beach house is what you need..
Use it as your permanent home or vacation or maybe for honeymoon vacation...
For whatever your reasons, you are gonna love it and you will begin enjoying the 
the time you spend..
Stay Tuned for the next posts, coz you can join the tour in my house
 My doors are always open, well if you are added in my security list.. LOL

With 260 prims, The Wayan Beach House is 2490L by MAVEN HOMES and also available on MAVEN HOMES' online store

Friday, March 23, 2012


SKIN: Lene Skin is the limited lucky board prize by MOTHER GOOSE'S

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MAKE UP: wearing Eye Candy Eyeshadow pack purple,  Bunny Babe Lipstick pack purpleby 

SHOES: Coquette shoes in purple 295L by N-CORE


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SHAPE: Ludmilla Shape is by ANNA SHAPES

HAIR: Deborah Essentials pack including 7 colours is exclusive item for MY ATTIC untill 31st of March

NAILS:Classic Nails pack including the trendy colours of Summer 2012 is 199L by IZZIE'S

OUTFIT: Baby Doll, Capri Jeans set sooo lovely (with Thng Fleur) is 60L special item by SLC

SHOES: Coco Shoes in pink are NEW by CRYSTAL LINE (300L)