Thursday, November 25, 2010


   Pinks is a magical color... I feel like I am in a fairytale.. and my prince charming is waiting outside the castle to take me to a romantic night....

   SKIN&SHAPE: Electra Skin with pink makeup and Zoe Shape with delicate features belong to my Fairy Lara Lefko.. She touched me with her magical stick and I became a princess immediately..I gave a kiss on her chick and paid only 2lindens.... Wait my Prince, I am coming.... :P

 The pink gown is Morea Styles Thanks giving gift for free here....
  The taylor hair was free by Alli&ali but not anymore... Instead try the other group gifts and freebies...

 The king of Shoes has a new dollarbie, lovely high heels only 1l here 

 My stunning Jewelry set is by Artistry E. G. You should see her creations... Still waiting??? hurry up

Monday, November 22, 2010


  I always love flamenco dance and the warm breeze of Spain...  My boyfriend took me there, and I was like a Spanish girl from tip to toe.. but it took me a while to look like this.  Let me tell you the story...

    My make up was really important.. I went to Lara Lefko's Store at Keswick...  and I told her that I wanted to look like a hot Mediterranean girl... and ta daaaaa.. she touched me with her magical fingers and I was ready... Looking exactly like a Spanish girl( with Queen Larissa).... and when I asked her how much it costed me, she said I didnt need to pay for anything, Coz She said she liked seeing people happy and everyone deserved to look perfect in sl.... If you want to knock her door, here is her adress(look for Queen Larissa )

   I needed costumes; immediately... and I called one of my best friends in sl, She opened a new store where everything is cheap and elegant.. Most of them are free... And she told me to meet there soon so that she would find me the best clothes... And she kept her promise... She found me two stunning dress, hot like summer breeze... To find the best clothes for your special occasions for free, here is your new adress...

 One thing was missing.. My hair... I was upset coz I had no time, my bf was on his way and he would be at my place in a min...then something happened and Chichickie sent me the latest group gift.. It was an updo.. wine red..(check group history) The hair flower was a past group gift of chichickie

   and my shoes???? I am not wearing shoes... I am dancing barefoot...  I am falling in love... And the wine tastes fantastic...

Thursday, November 18, 2010


  I love my new make up Angelique, by Lara Lefko Lara Skin&Lara Shapes.. You all know that Lara is a very generous Designer.. Her skins are so realistic and highly detailed that it is really surprising to find them all for free or as dollarbies... Noone would ever do such thing in sl... Thank you Lara for giving us this opportunity to have these stunning skins for almost free... Enough talk... Here is your lm, to grab your new make up Angelique and delicate Zoe shape:

 My outfit is FTLO hunt price at Tyranny.. all you should do is to tp to the adress and search for a little robot...:))

  Limited Haiti VIP hair is no longer available... It was free when I grabbed it.. But Don't worry you can find dollarbie hair styles at W&Y

 Golden Chucks are by Maschienwerk and 0l :)) free from my Bf's closet :)))



   I am not a megalomaniac,contrarily I can be considered as a humble person...but not for today.. Coz I know how beautiful I am... I look in the mirror and I really like the lady looking back at me... Fascinating, stunning, fabulous....
  And who created this Make up?? Of Course my dearest, one and only friend LARA LEFKO..Electra Skin and Zoe shape are perfect together... the definition of elegance.. who wouldnt fall in love with such a beauty... an angel from above... Thank you Lara for this fabuloys skin and delicate shape... (they are only 2l)

  Fabulous hair is called as Taylor and two different color of the hair can be found as gifts at Alli&Ali

 for dramatic looks,  Eyes and Lashes are 2l at razzanova 

  Lipstick is part of a line called baby soft lips 20l, and navy nails are only 2l at Glamorize

  This beautiful gown is part of a hunt still going on at Paris Metro.. you will find it on the third floor on the table.. Just click to have this amazing gown..( you ll undestand what to click, when you get there :P)

   you are curious about the dazzling jewelry set I am wearing... I am sorry I cant give you the details now but it is a gift from one of my friends, who is very talented and creative...She doesn't want to be known at the moment but I think I will keep talking about her... Thank you so much E. ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


  I was with my bf all day... He took me his place.. well he has the taste.. I love the way he decorated his house.. And we had so much fun. I had real fun exploring his house... .he cooked for us and I washed the dishes.. but isn't it life?? Sharing?? well we even shared clothes.. I tried on some of his stuff ...well I think they all suited me.. dont you think so??

  You can  see how smooth and fresh my skin looks in the photos that my bf took.. There is no Photoshop... It s my real skin.. and I am revealing my secret! :)) I owe my beauty to the most creative and talented skin designer in sl, Lara Lefko... And Laura Skin is almost free by Lara Lefko, Lara Skin& Lara Shapes, in Popubase at Lara's Underwater store, like the Zoe shape I am wearing. they both cot 2l... Thank you Lara for your generosity...

  My Bf's closet is full of Maschienenwerk stuff including shoes, berets and sunglasses.. and everything is free

 Aysha Blonde is free by Loq Hair

Monday, November 15, 2010


   Falling leaves, rain drops... we have almost come to the end of Autumn... and I am enjoying the last days of it... and when the issue is Autumn, there is only one colour that comes to my mind; that is Brown... just like the colour of the leaves falling from trees...

  Pure and Innocent skin called Saskia, and delicate shape Zoe are by the most talented skin designer in sl, Lara LEFKO, Lara Skin&Lara Shapes... Lara Lefko is giving some of her unique skins as dollarbies at her underwater store in Popubase... you can have this amazing skin and more from vendors by only paying 1l... you wont believe your eyes... Thank you Lara over and over...

   you like my hair just like my skin I know.. Taylor Hair is recent group giftie of Alli&ali  and there are hair voting presents as well.. Don't forget to vote for your favourite hair style..

 My scarf by Mr. Poet, is a male design but as you can see, it can be used as unisex... colour can be changed 

 if you are a twilight fan, you will know what I am talking about... I am talking about Edward's eyes... they are 5l on marketplace... 
  Mini jacket is by KKBB design, here
  Cream Pullover knit is hunt item at aimesi, search for mushrooms and pay 10l for each of them

  Beige Skirt is by S@bbia. I had bought it during the sale... Now it is 50l... Still affordable, dont you think so?

  Neo Boots are 40l by Hoc Designs on marketplace, you can change the colour of the texture..(8 colours)

Saturday, November 13, 2010


   Christmas is in the air.... I can smell it...
and you know sl will be having christmas events.. One of the places that will be holding celebration is Popubase, Popuspot... The preperations still going on around the sim, the owners of the sim are trying hard to please the visitors and they give the promise that they will be giving the best christmas party ever..I am sure that it will be an unforgettable one... So get ready for the party... I am almost ready.. found my gown and my make up is as perfect as ever...

   Freya Gown is 50l at Fashion House.. There is a current sale at the store everything is 50l and necklac is included. ( will be the prefect choice for the christmas party)

 This Goddes skin, the Queen is by the Queen of the Queens Lara Lefko, the most talented skin designer in sl.. Queen Larissa comes with 7 make up choice and 4 different shapes for the group members of Lara Skin&Lara Shapes group members, by Lara Lefko.. Hurry up to grab your Queen... Red lips make up of Queen Larissa is perfect for Christmas parties...

  Red Stillettos are by Stiletto Moody, was a dollarbie, but not available anymore(1889l)

I am your present ring is dollarbie at Glow Studio

   Vivid Blue eyes are free at Amato... 

  If you want to be informed about the events that will take place at Popubase Sim and more please visit