Sunday, May 29, 2011


You may think that everything is going terrible and has come to an end.
Actually this is where everything begins! It is time you got on your knees. Dont forget , you are a woman and you have the power to do anything you want to!
Start with your appereance! A change is always good.
Make yourself a goddess and then you will see that your self-confidence is back to you. Just a simple start. You just need to be touched by the magic stick of Fairy Mother…
Reborn from your ashes just like Phoenix. Meet the new you!
Meet the new ME!!!

SKIN: Elena is glittering with her gorgeous make up, one of the newest releases by Al Vulo, 800l for single line and 2800l for the fat pack.She definitely has he self-confidence, if you lost yours… Dont forget to check Al Vulo’s newest group gift.
   GOWN: Melinda in Nude color is another fantastic creations of AZUL, definitely is what you need to renew yourself. To shine like a star or to rise like the Sun, get Melinda and add your Azul collection to another glamour! it is 750l both at the store and on marketplace
 HAIR:  New release by Second Life’s most talented hair designer Calico Inngman, Cyn in Auburn is 200l at Calico Inngman’s main store
  HEELS: N-Core keeps capturing me with its new Shoe Collection. Chic in Campaigne (595l) is my favourite color option in the collection. get your favourite color from Chic collection and the many other stylish collections of N-Core, designed for the exclusive members of N-Core.
  POSES: New Sexy poses by Apple Spice, new release 250l and you can purchase the single poses that you like for 35l at the store

Saturday, May 28, 2011


      Taking a vacation was the greatest idea that I ever thought of to mend my broken heart. And I feel absolutely better now, except for the fact that I have put on weight recently. I dont know how that happened but eating has become an addiction for me. I just cant helping eating!
     But the local people in St. Tropez, especially men, keep tellling me that I am looking gorgeous. I love my weight!

I love ice pops!mmmmm Yummmyyy


What, chocolate on my lips? 

Dont Blame me! I cant resist
a yummmy chocolate
do you have some?

    SKIN: Emy is a gorgeous beauty by Al Vulo which is the Skin Paradise of Hlin Bluebird. Each time I go to Al Vulo, I am captured by the beauty of the fabulous skins of Al Vulo and I want to have them all, coz they all have different beauty. Emy in pink Fresh is 800l, fat pack is 2800l. And there is gorgeous group gift, freshly released for Al Vulo Group Members. Dont miss it

  DRESS:  by one of the stores that really has a style; Acid&Mala. The store is full of fantastic stuff and this cutie dress called Smocked has also shirt version and it  is Acid&Mala's Super Bargain Saturday item. If you dont know what SBS is let me tell you. Every Saturday a group of designers in sl put a special item marked down to 60l, Which means this lovely outfit you see on me is available for 60l. Yayyyyyy

   HAIR: Lovely isnt it? Yes I know.Mood Essential is one of the most fantastic releases of Elikatira. I wish I had them all... Mood Essential Collection is 250l, if you want a regular pack it is 220l. Here is your taxi to Elikatira's Hair paradise

  JEWELERY:  I have been waiting for it. Kunglers is offering its customers the latest fashion jewelery sets with realistic look as well as the wide range of  fantasic clothing collection from formals to casuals.Perola set is the newest jewelery set by Kunglers available for 400l

  SANDALETS: By Chuculet , Pila sandalets in brown color is only 1l, unbelievable but true, here

  CHOCOLATE tatoo: is by Miss Murder, I found this cue tatoo on marketplace for a very reasonable price, 5l

   BAG: The most realistic bag I have ever seen sl and it is really stylish that it has already become my favourite bag by HOUSE OF FOX, the bag has arm, forearm and hand options each having its own animations. Awesome,you should get it. It is 230l

Thursday, May 26, 2011


     You all know about the dream I had last day or should I say Nightmare??? Remember the Sultan Shryar and when I opened my eyes he just pooffeed..
   And Here I am facing the reality that I am on holiday with a broken heart and I am all alone...
 You know what women do, when they have a broken heart? They eat!!
   And I found this local fast food restaurant and I oredered a big menu..
I kno I have put on weight

give me the biggest menu please
I can eat the world

I think, I am full

I think I am going to throw up!

   SKIN: This gorgeous beauty with red lipstick is one of Al Vulo's fairies called Emy. You all know that Al Vulo makes the most fantastic skins in sl and there are always great gifts for the group members. Emy Devotion red lips is 800l. Welcome to Al Vulo's Skin&shape Paradise!

  SHAPE: Mahli Shapes are new to sl but it guarentes to offer you the best shapes with the most reasonable prices in sl. It is such a good begining and I cant wait to see their new shape releases.Harlow shape with copy7mod options is 50l on marketplace

   HAIR:  Cyn is the freshest hair style by calico Inngman where you will find the style you are looking for. And this fantastic hair is only 200l at the store waiting for you

   DRESS:  You want belive but it s true. Cupckae has made a discount for this lovely dress for a very limited time. You can have this cutie dress by paying 25l. yes you have heard it right, only 25l with the quality of Cupcakes. Yayyyyy Ladies, run to Cupcakes, before the sale ends

  HEELS:  You love my shoes I know, and you are jealous of me becuase I am wearing them. Soleil fantastic texture is the newest release by Second life's most talented shoe designer Nuria Augapfel, N-CORE. The shoe has a lot of color options and it s so realistic that if you ask my opinion, it is a must have in your closet. It is 795l, here in Nurai's Shoe Paradise

   ACCESSORY: by Kunglers, My favourite clothing store in sl. They not only make amazing clothing  but also do they make accessories to complete our perfect look. Bamboo set is one of my favourites at the store but you should see the rest, they are all fantastic. The set is 400l, and a should have in your jewelery chest. Thank you Kunglers for everything you offer us

Monday, May 23, 2011

I am Scheherazade, not afraid of playing fire! (part 7)

 King Shahryar, a Sultan who was disillusioned by the sexual infidelity of women because his first wife had been unfaithful to him. He vowed that every night he would wed a different virgin only to have her beheaded the next morning.
After only a few years, all of the marriageable women in his kingdom either had moved far away from the region or had been killed under his orders. No suitable women were left to marry Shahryar except for Scherazade and Dinarzade, the daughters of the kingdom’s vizier, which is a high official in Muslim government.
Scheherazade, the older daughter, is a very well-educated young lady, having studied the legends, books, histories, and stories about preceding Kings and humankind in general. She had learned all about poetry,Philosophy , arts, and the sciences. Not only was she well read, but also was well bred, polite, and pleasant to all she encountered.
Against her father's wishes, Scheherazade challenged King Shahryar. The night of their wedding ceremony, Scheherazade instructed her sister to ask for a story. King Shahryar listened in awe as Scheherazade spun a fascinating, adventurous tale, but she quit speaking before the story was finished. The King asked her to finish the tale, but Scheherazade said there was no time left because it was almost dawn and time for her beheading. She added that she really regretted not finishing this story, because her next story was even more thrilling.
His curiosity whetted, King Shahryar decided not to execute Scheherazade just so he could hear the rest of the story later that night. This strategy of anticipation continues for a thousand nights, with Scheherazade telling her husband a new tale every night, but stopping just before dawn with a cliffhanger. This forced the King to keep her alive
She kept telling her stories one thousand and one nights...

Scheherazade was the most charming woman that Sultan has ever seen

She told Sultan her stories and she made Sultan fall in
love with her

Their love was endless and full of passion.
Scheherazde was sure that he would never
kill her.
But suddenly she fell to a deep hole
"Where am I, where is my love,
Sultan?" she cried

She saw the bones of Sultan's ex wives then she understood
that Sultan had wanted her to die
She said "I wish I had continued
telling the storyfor one thousand and the second

Where am I, Where are you Sultan, save me! I cired and
opened my eyes

I had just fallen asleep on the beach and eveything was
just a dream?

but Sultan and his love was so real!
Am I alone again? She sighs

   SKIN&SHAPE: By Silken Moon Vivienne Bodouir is as mysterious and charming and Scheherazade herself, if you want to have this charm ,, visit Silken Moon today, a paradise full of fantastic skins and shapes.
Vivienne Bodouir Skin is 400l and Vivieene Shape is 500l and Moonmaid eyes only 50l here;

   HAIR: Annika hair, in light dirty blonde and fire, with realistic look  is by Calico Inngman, 200l 

   GOWN AND OUTFIT: Two diffrent style each  unique in its own way, and they were delicately designed for the exclusive members of Paris Metro. Take this taxi to Paris Metro, the adress of fashion in sl and become who you want to be! dont you want to be Scheherazade for one day? Thank you to Rfb Morpork for making our fantasies come true! to live your dreams in sl visit Paris Metro today

  FEET: Who wouldnt want to have  feet with Fabulous and realistic look in sl?  I searched everywhere and then I found this wonderfully designed feet by N-core which has everything we need. It is both available on marketplace and mainstore. the price is 495l.
  By the way have you checked the new releases of N-core yet?

Sunday, May 22, 2011


   As all Aleida fans you know that the store has been closed for a while for renovation. And everyone including me is looking forward to having the reopening invitations. Since I am one of the most second life fashion icons, I was one of the luckiest people who got this invitation. Well I did my best and I was looking exactly like a fashion critic with my stylish clothes but guess what, something was wrong!!!

let me comb my hair and I am ready!

I should hurry up or I will be late

yes! I am a fashion icon!

The legend is back!

something wrong here, where is everyone and the paparazzis??

omg! this cant be true!

It's 2 a.m., the opening is 2 p.m. I misread the invitation
Destiny cries

   SKIN:  I had the opportunity to see the new creation of Aleida before anyone can. a big wow, Aleida has been making miracles. Sumiko skin is an exotic asian beauty and the newest release by Aleida. You will find Sumiko in smoked eyes and more in Alieda Rhode's new collectoion. Single skin is 800l
  OUTFIT: Chinadoll is the most fantastic styled outfit I have ever seen so far. It unique and elegant. This stylish outfit is 500l in Aleiada's new collection. I want to thank Aleida  for what she has done for us. No doubt that she has been working so hard lately to give her customers the best. And it seems she succeeded in it. 

   HAIR: Stylish Tracy Hair is 200l at Calico Inngman,the adress for  the latest hair fashion 

  JEWELRY SET:  Camelia Accesory set ,which is so elegant and is delicately designed for the exclusive customers of Crystal Designed, by Rena Vita 600l and the pack includes two bracelets, two necklaces and earrings. Absolutely fabulous, a should have for special occasions!

   HEELS: Capricious but you can't resist it's charm... Ad if you asked what the color of caprice is, I'd say RED. Just as my heels and like their name: CAPRICE, BY second life's most popular and elegant shoe brand
N-Core. Caprice in red color is 795l, here

    You are all invited to REOPENING OF ALEIDA today, it is at 2 p.m. in slt. Wear your most elegant clothes and  hire your limo. And be there on time! I will see you there!