Monday, May 23, 2011

I am Scheherazade, not afraid of playing fire! (part 7)

 King Shahryar, a Sultan who was disillusioned by the sexual infidelity of women because his first wife had been unfaithful to him. He vowed that every night he would wed a different virgin only to have her beheaded the next morning.
After only a few years, all of the marriageable women in his kingdom either had moved far away from the region or had been killed under his orders. No suitable women were left to marry Shahryar except for Scherazade and Dinarzade, the daughters of the kingdom’s vizier, which is a high official in Muslim government.
Scheherazade, the older daughter, is a very well-educated young lady, having studied the legends, books, histories, and stories about preceding Kings and humankind in general. She had learned all about poetry,Philosophy , arts, and the sciences. Not only was she well read, but also was well bred, polite, and pleasant to all she encountered.
Against her father's wishes, Scheherazade challenged King Shahryar. The night of their wedding ceremony, Scheherazade instructed her sister to ask for a story. King Shahryar listened in awe as Scheherazade spun a fascinating, adventurous tale, but she quit speaking before the story was finished. The King asked her to finish the tale, but Scheherazade said there was no time left because it was almost dawn and time for her beheading. She added that she really regretted not finishing this story, because her next story was even more thrilling.
His curiosity whetted, King Shahryar decided not to execute Scheherazade just so he could hear the rest of the story later that night. This strategy of anticipation continues for a thousand nights, with Scheherazade telling her husband a new tale every night, but stopping just before dawn with a cliffhanger. This forced the King to keep her alive
She kept telling her stories one thousand and one nights...

Scheherazade was the most charming woman that Sultan has ever seen

She told Sultan her stories and she made Sultan fall in
love with her

Their love was endless and full of passion.
Scheherazde was sure that he would never
kill her.
But suddenly she fell to a deep hole
"Where am I, where is my love,
Sultan?" she cried

She saw the bones of Sultan's ex wives then she understood
that Sultan had wanted her to die
She said "I wish I had continued
telling the storyfor one thousand and the second

Where am I, Where are you Sultan, save me! I cired and
opened my eyes

I had just fallen asleep on the beach and eveything was
just a dream?

but Sultan and his love was so real!
Am I alone again? She sighs

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