Sunday, May 22, 2011


   As all Aleida fans you know that the store has been closed for a while for renovation. And everyone including me is looking forward to having the reopening invitations. Since I am one of the most second life fashion icons, I was one of the luckiest people who got this invitation. Well I did my best and I was looking exactly like a fashion critic with my stylish clothes but guess what, something was wrong!!!

let me comb my hair and I am ready!

I should hurry up or I will be late

yes! I am a fashion icon!

The legend is back!

something wrong here, where is everyone and the paparazzis??

omg! this cant be true!

It's 2 a.m., the opening is 2 p.m. I misread the invitation
Destiny cries

   SKIN:  I had the opportunity to see the new creation of Aleida before anyone can. a big wow, Aleida has been making miracles. Sumiko skin is an exotic asian beauty and the newest release by Aleida. You will find Sumiko in smoked eyes and more in Alieda Rhode's new collectoion. Single skin is 800l
  OUTFIT: Chinadoll is the most fantastic styled outfit I have ever seen so far. It unique and elegant. This stylish outfit is 500l in Aleiada's new collection. I want to thank Aleida  for what she has done for us. No doubt that she has been working so hard lately to give her customers the best. And it seems she succeeded in it. 

   HAIR: Stylish Tracy Hair is 200l at Calico Inngman,the adress for  the latest hair fashion 

  JEWELRY SET:  Camelia Accesory set ,which is so elegant and is delicately designed for the exclusive customers of Crystal Designed, by Rena Vita 600l and the pack includes two bracelets, two necklaces and earrings. Absolutely fabulous, a should have for special occasions!

   HEELS: Capricious but you can't resist it's charm... Ad if you asked what the color of caprice is, I'd say RED. Just as my heels and like their name: CAPRICE, BY second life's most popular and elegant shoe brand
N-Core. Caprice in red color is 795l, here

    You are all invited to REOPENING OF ALEIDA today, it is at 2 p.m. in slt. Wear your most elegant clothes and  hire your limo. And be there on time! I will see you there!

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haha that was amazing, hope you got to see it after opened anyway! :)

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