Sunday, May 29, 2011


You may think that everything is going terrible and has come to an end.
Actually this is where everything begins! It is time you got on your knees. Dont forget , you are a woman and you have the power to do anything you want to!
Start with your appereance! A change is always good.
Make yourself a goddess and then you will see that your self-confidence is back to you. Just a simple start. You just need to be touched by the magic stick of Fairy Mother…
Reborn from your ashes just like Phoenix. Meet the new you!
Meet the new ME!!!

SKIN: Elena is glittering with her gorgeous make up, one of the newest releases by Al Vulo, 800l for single line and 2800l for the fat pack.She definitely has he self-confidence, if you lost yours… Dont forget to check Al Vulo’s newest group gift.
   GOWN: Melinda in Nude color is another fantastic creations of AZUL, definitely is what you need to renew yourself. To shine like a star or to rise like the Sun, get Melinda and add your Azul collection to another glamour! it is 750l both at the store and on marketplace
 HAIR:  New release by Second Life’s most talented hair designer Calico Inngman, Cyn in Auburn is 200l at Calico Inngman’s main store
  HEELS: N-Core keeps capturing me with its new Shoe Collection. Chic in Campaigne (595l) is my favourite color option in the collection. get your favourite color from Chic collection and the many other stylish collections of N-Core, designed for the exclusive members of N-Core.
  POSES: New Sexy poses by Apple Spice, new release 250l and you can purchase the single poses that you like for 35l at the store