Thursday, May 19, 2011


   Remember my post about Ali!!! And how he left me?

   Yeah I am still under the effect of the Break up, which was shocking for me! AND today we are gonna learn how to get rid of our EX, follow if the easy step below to heal your broken heart..

1st go to a bakery shop and order as many desserts as you can

find a park to entertain yourself

Slide could be fun, dont forget to lick your strawberry ice cream

the tips didnt work, and it was your heart which ached, now your stomach?
then stop eating and go on crying
and see a doctor immediately

  SKIN&SHAPE: Erika is a proof to look beautiful while you are sad. This gorgeous beauty is by Second life's most popular skin&shape store Al Vulo. If you just want to have Erika Emo make up you will pay 800 for single skin and 350l for the shape. The fat pack is 2800l. The key to have the best skin and shape in sl is at Al Vulo

  OUTFIT:  You are looking for stylish clothes for spring ? Well I have good news for you! Kunglers' ay group gift is out and This high quality clothing with a unique style is as fantastic as the rest of the store... While grabbing your group gift, dont forget to check the new releases and the accessory department is great, as well.

 HAIR: is free by Heart Softens, for group members

  HEELS: Venom for Lazy Sunday was 75l, stay tuned for the new Lazy Sunday Items. And big thanks the designer of Purrfect 10 for all these fantastic styles that were once a dream ,now are real for us. 

  JEWELRY: Barbie pink set is 1l at Glamorize dollarbie department.

   NAILS: free, group gift of Mayden Couture

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