Monday, April 30, 2012


I got so many messages from curious followers about my new home...
I didnt blog it, coz it wasn’t released at that time...
But a few days ago, I got the good news about Sailor’s Home “ New England Beach house” ...
It’s such a great house with so many details, and big rooms with full of light... You can spend your evening in your livingroom with your beloved by watching tv with popcorn and relax, or you can get a spa massage to forget about the stress, or fill the bathtube and light the candles for romantic moments cwhich may end up in your lusty bedroom.
In the morning you can have your coffee in winter garden and watch the peaceful atmospehere or you can hide in the hobby room to discover the unknown sides in you....
All and more waiting for you in Sailor’s Home @ APHRODITE SHOP for 3500L

PS: All The Matching Furniture sets will be out very SOON


SKIN&SHAPE: Beautiful Lily in Bewitched Sugar and Lily's fabulous shape is NEW by [ HUSH ] FOR 950L

HAIR: She sends Kisses colour packs are 250L for each by SHAG HAIR

EYES: Utopia Eyes Lust Blue + Rust, past group gift by IKON, the new group gift is on the way

NAILS: Metallic Nails pack is 199L by IZZIE'S

DRESS: Cha Cha Dress in black/magenta is soo gorgeous and waiting for you @ Vıntage department of PURPLE MOON

SHOES: Coquette in black is 295L by N-CORE

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Dear Mom,
I am in Solaria now, suhc a gorgeous  place with welcoming people and delicious food. So many things to discover
Today I found the chance to take a tour around the village and I was amazed by what I saw...
In most pcis, I am the one who’s taking photograph, but Sweet took a couple  of  photos for me to send  you...
I’ will write you more  in a few days...
Big hugs for you & dad

SKIN&SHAPE: Lily with seduce make up from Cream  pack, is 950L, with her gorgeous shape and cleavage options by [ HUSH]

HAIR: Jessica hair Chestnut pack is 150L by SIXTYNINE

ACCESSORY: The NAvi Set is NEW by Artistry by ~ E ~ for 375L, you can also buy your favourite pieces as single items 

TOP:  Colour De Mexico Mesh top is BEST DESIGNER EXILE exclusive item by :::LP:::

PANTS: Capri Lepore in cream is my favourite piece from COLDLOGIC for 

EYEWEAR: Holly Sunglasses soo gorgeous with fantastic details, NEW by REDGRAVE , 390L

POSES: Fantastic poses from Purple Poses with such great prices...
A big thanks to Audrey Guter

Saturday, April 28, 2012


SKIN&SHAPE: A gorgeous beauty called Lily, is NEW by [ HUSH ], I am wearing Lily Bewitched in vanilla for 950L. The Set comes with 6 different tones, brows, cleavage options and the modifiable shape of Lily... Fat packs are 2375L... 

HAIR: Paper essentials collection is 280L by ELIKATIRA

ACCESSORY SET: A Stunning set called Payton, is  NEW by Artistry by ~ E ~ , the set includes, the bracelet, earrings and the necklace for 375L. You can also buy the pieces of the set individually starting from 75L to 200L

DRESS: Whimsy Dress in Iris , sooo lovely by 1 HUNDRED available at Flawless Spring sale for 100L

SHOES:  Milano Pumps were past TDR item by YS&YS for 70L, not available anymore

POSES: Awesome poses available at PURPLE POSES as pose packs or single items for the most reasonable prices in sl


I have always been an Ireland fan... I dont know the reason is why if its because of the splendid views or the fantastic Irish music going great with Guiness, but I mostly find myself looking for Ireland sims in sl...
Well, like in rl, I should warn you that you should take your umbrella with you...
Coz in a min, the grey clouds above you, may bring you rain, more than you expect..

SKIN: Poki2 is Lucky board skin by MOTHER GOOSE'S I am not sure if the skin is still there but I know there are   
lots of amazing skins for free

HAIR: Garden Blondes pack is 250L by ELIKATIRA

RAINCOAT with BOOTS: Those cute stuff I am wearing are past hunt Prize by [ Kloka ] from last year which means not available at the moment :(

And I specially want to thank Winter Thorn for her amazing posing props, She is such a brilliant talent that she keeps captivating me with her fantastic designs..

OXFORD BICYCLE is partially mesh item which is wearable and ridable.. When you stop, you avatar keeps animated, looking around or standing, which looks so cool...
It's time to explore outside?? Right?
Oxford Bicycle is available in lovely colours both for boys and girls for 400L by WHAT NEXT

RAIN POSING PROPS: Let it Rain Pose Props are NEW 300L by WHAT NEXT! available both for boys and girls with different coloured umbrellas.  Each pack includes 10 poses for you to enjoy Second Life's spring Rain.. These awesome packs are also available on marketplace and
So, Let it rain :))

Thursday, April 26, 2012


SKIN: Frasha is the new beauty by SHINE family, she is so gorgeous and available in different skin tones. I am wearing Frasha pale tone Glam is 900L with cleavage options

HAIR: Jessica Hair chestnut pack is 150L by SIXTYNINE

ACCESSORY SET: Coco Necklace is 300L, Coco Earrings are 150L by CRYSTAL LINE with colour change options

DRESS: TF* Floral Dress Blue is NEW by TwIns Fashion for 209L, so sexy

SHOES: PAST group gift by SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR, not available anymore

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


SKIN: Justina Skin in pale tone hb 6 is 600L by MYDEAR SKIN

HAIR: Odette Gingers pack is 250L by TRUTH HAIR

ACCESSORY: Night Bloom set including the earrings, necklace and the ring is NEW by KUNGLERS 

GOWN: Lanna in garnet is NEW and soo classy by AZUL for 800L


Nile Karas, the owner and the designer as the  brilliant  talent of FLOWERDREAMS CREATIONS,  showed her generoustiy, by sending the group members this amazing gown as a  gift for FREE..
It's amazing to have such a stunning gown so unique and sexy for free.. Just like a dream..
What's more, she added this awesome skin called Bella, which made this gift more precious...
Visit her fantastic store today to have these gorgeous gifts
and be ready to be amazed..

HAIR: Thai Me Up colour packs are 250L by SHAG HAIR

JEWELLERY SET: Christy set is NEW and brings you the freshness of the spring by Artsitry by ~E ~ 

SHOES: Pisa Shoes are so classy by SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR for 795L


SKIN&SHAPE: Harper Skin in cafe tone and its gorgeus shape  is 990L with trendy make up options

HAIR: Jessica hair chestnut pack is 150L by SIXTYNINE

NAILS: Metallic nails pack is 199L with stunning colours by IZZIE'S

DRESS: Such a gorgeous release from MASHOOKA DESGINS, Ranah Mesh dress has just been out and   Aradhana Voight,the generous owner and the designer of MD, is giving the nude colour of the dress 
FREE fr the group members of MASHOOKA DESIGNS... 
grab your free dress while you can

SHOES: Milano Shoes so sexy and classy by SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR for 750L

Monday, April 23, 2012


SKIN&SHAPE: Milena English Rose make up number 10 is 1000L and the gorgeous shape of Milena is 350L by MYNERVA

HAIR: She Sells Sanctuary colous packs are 250L for each by SHAG HAIR

ACCESSORY: Rose Set red including the collar and the bracelet is 80L by WERTINA as special item for BDE

NAILS: Classic Nails pack isc199L by IZZIE'S

OUTFIT: Senorita mesh outfit is 80L by PICCARA as exclusve item for BDE

SHOES: Free gift for the group members of PURRFECT 10