Tuesday, April 10, 2012


SKIN: Lene is Lucky Board limited skin FREE by MOTHER GOOSE'S

HAIR: The Black Tie Affair color packs are 250L for each, @ SHAG HAIR ( I am wearing the honey)

MAKE UP: I am wearing pink from Eye Candy Eyeshadow&lashes pack, 75L and Purple from Silk Lipstick and Teeth pack, 175L by PINK ACID

JEWELLERY SET: It's hard to believe but it's true. There is a huge sale @ CRYSTAL LINE, most of the stuff @ the store including some of the new releases are %50 of sale. The Camelia Set, one of my favourite sets @ CRYSTAL LINE is only 300L.. Dont miss it

GOWN: This fantastic gown is Mami Jewel's new work of art, called Imani.. Available in lovely colours Imani in bellflowers, the colour I am wearing,  is 800L by AZUL

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