Tuesday, April 17, 2012


  The favourite part of my home is my bathroom.. I spend long times there relaxing and dreaming. 
But I sometimes dream about my imaginary bathroom.. It's something like this...
A big bathroom with a massage table, I lay down and I wait for the tan skinned, sexy masseur... Here he comes, half naked and so I am...
I surrender to him, feeling his gentle fingers on my back, taking the stress of the day

hmmm, I hope this moment wont end
But where is he going?? I hear the sound of the water, filling the bathtub; bubbles; petals, champaigne

While we are drinking our champaigne, he whispers the most romantic words to  my ear

Bubble kisses

Never felt like this before
Kiss me baby
We are destined to be together
ohh, now he is naked and using my toilet... Never thought that would happen
what's that smell? WHat's going on? This scene was supposed to be romantic. Not the right time  to pee

ohhhh was all a dream?? I must have fallen a sleep in my chocolate bath...
What a dream almost turning to a nightmare... 
Now I am glad that handsome thing is not here..LOL

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