Friday, February 25, 2011


 It's been raining here almost for a week and I feel black and white whenever it rains... I like hanging at home, watching the raindrops falling from above and maybe some coffee... Would be great :))

   SKIN&SHAPE: Cherry Skin and Lyndsay Shape  by Lara Skins&Lara Shapes by Lara Lefko. Dont miss the chance because Lara is still giving her previous season skin packs including the modifiable shapes for 1l. You had better pick your because, She is coming soon and everything is gonna change...

       HAIR: Simply Britnee has this new release called Portugal and get the pack with %50 discount before the week is over
     EYESHADOW:  Smoke Signal BY bLACKhEART... a new designer in cozmetics world and she has the talent... Just take a look at her page on marketplace, till she opens her own store

     OUTFIT:  Promo item on Marketplace available for 1l

       SHOES:   Lovely Heels called Hoku in Black is R2 Fashion's latest release, really affordable and realistic...

     FURNITURE: I remember telling you about this cute Furniture Store where you can find the things for your taste and I assure you the prices are very affordable and the prims are low.. That's what we need in sl right?? BerkShire livingroom set is one of my favourites and one of the new releases. Just take a look around to find what you need at Crackberry

Thursday, February 17, 2011


  There is no place like home!! that s a true quote whoever said it...
This is my Newest home with new Furniures.. I will be back to give the deatils.. So keep Following me :))
 I am back where were we??
oh I was gonna tell you this new furniture store I found by chance that is called CRACKBERRY.
a store full of the most amazing furniture sets I have ever seen in sl, things that can make a house a Home.. This cute  livingroom set is "Seirce" comes with the rug the cabinet and also the table decoration..
I bought this amazing set from The Wash Bi-Annual Cart Sale where everyhing is not over 10l. only 10l can you believe it???
I am coming with more news about Crackberry. I have already become an addict, so stay tunned:))

 Sleepwear by Squeeze,10l on marketplace

 Hair by Trico, latest group gift at the main store

Bow, Magika (past group gift)

My beautiful Electra is still available in Lara Lefko's Lara Skins&Lara Shape Store, previous skin packs section for 1l. But Dont Forget, Lara Lefko legend is coming back and you will be hypnothised...
enjoy the previous skins by taking this taxi I am sending to you;

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


  You are all invited to Queen Larissa's little daughter Electra's wedding.. All the preparations were made and everything is READY.. Except for PRINCE CHARMINGGG! :(
  so I think I should reconsider inviting you guys :))

  Electra Skin&Lyndsay shape is in  Lara Lefko's previous season skin packs section. Lara Skins&Lara Shape is coming with fantastic designs and I was lucky to see one of them yesterday... And I cant wait to have them all... But we still have the chance to grab her previous skn oacks for 1l at Popubase Underwater Store..

 Princess's wedding gown is Wednesday wonders of Diav Draconia by Diavolicious, 25l only for today and ballerina shoes and veil are included.. Yay dont miss the chance to make it yours... Remember only for today

 Eyes were Christmas gift by Umedama Holic but you can still find free frozen eyes at the store

Eyeshadow is Miamai's February group gift


Saturday, February 12, 2011


   Well I made a change this year.. I wont play the girl who believes in Cupid and its magical arrows...
I will play the heartbreaker girl for Valentine's Day.. So cruel, huh?? :)))

 Cruel Cherry Skin with Lyndsay Shape by Lara Skins&lara Shape, Lara Lefko...  She is dangerous and you had better get out of her way, coz She is coming back with revenge!!! Dangerous and Beautiful only 2l at Lara Lefko's Store in popubase for a limited time...

 Love is In the Air Dress is amazing and yes you are right. It's one of Diav Draconia's wonders. This adorable dress will be available at Fashion House for 50l. Valentine Special...

Earings are free at G field if you join the store hunt

Stilettos are the new release(already posted) by R2 Fashion,  this is the red version, really adorable... My favourites recetnly

Make up by Glamorize, you are free to make your own make up combination

Hair: free by Analog Dog; here

Friday, February 11, 2011


 Hello All,
My adventure with Queen Larissa is going on... This time we are after the Keys...
She came with this new, Ricielli's 2nd Deluxe Hunt. And that was exactly for a queen...  We teleported to Ricielli's mainstore, so the adventure began..
We searched everywhere at the store to find the keys that open the doors of Deluxe... And we found them :))

  Everything you see on me, including some poses are the prizes of Ricielli's 2nd Deluxe Hunt.. Don't miss this chance, coz you can't have these outfits for 10ls. Unbelievable but true... Only 10l for each keys ladies, so please get your beautiful butts out of comfortable couches and join this Deluxe Experience, coz it knocks your door only once..

 My beautiful Queen, Larissa will remain as one of my favourite Lara Skins&Lara Shapes product.. But Lara is coming back with surprises. And she is really assertive..I am so excited and I am sure so are you.. but enjoy her generousity while you can coz previous skin packs are being sold for 1l at Popubase Underwater Store... Wait for more, Coming Soon..

 Hair is Calico Ingmann Designs product, was once a hunt prize.. Not anymore. but if you still insist here is the lm;

LipGloss: By Glamorize.. The store has changed recently, you can find all your cosmetic stuff here at Glamorize from nails to lipsticks for reasonable prices

 Heels: from my newest discovery..R2 fashion Store, where you will find amazing stilettos, flats, boots... Amazing. You should go and experience yourself.. Here is a chance for you Ladies. By the way, As I told you, I bought the pack of  Hoku Stilettos I am wearing now.. Giggless.. I couldnt help it and now I am a penniless Queen... 
Poor little me :))

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


  My Beloved Queen Larissa by Lara Skins&Lara Shape, was out again... She is a shopaholic, what can I do??
But She is like a black pearl shining at night...

  SKIN&SHAPE: Queen Larissa skin and Lyndsay Shape by Lara Lefko, Lara Skins&Lara Shape. Generous Lara Lefko is still giving her previous skins including shapes for 1l. Dont miss this chance while you can, Becuase Lara is coming back with full of surprises..

  HAIR: Fabulous Eva Hair, free by Exile. You will find other hair packs for free. Kavar cleanslate is such a generous designer that he is giving a lot of packs for free.. take a look around and you will see the clearence sale  packs for 50l

  GOWN: Purple Moon's Februar gift Mystery in black, such a delicate taste.. thank you Poulet Koenkamp. (group fee 50l)

 HEELS: I found this amazing store full of amazing shoes called R2 Fashion Store.. I was really amazed by what i saw and I got this pair of stilettos called Hoku.. the prices are really reasonable when compared to their quality.. I adore them so much that I think I will go and buy the other colors. Giggless..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


  So sensual... 

Skin&Shape: Queen Larissa red lips and Lyndsay Shape by Lara Skins&Lara Shape, Lara Lefko.. She is giving her previous season sensual skin packs including the shapes for 1l. dont miss thischance and pick your Queen in Lara'S Kingdom :))

 Hair: This wonderful Hair called Senta in dark rose color is dollarbie on marketplace, such a sensual Hair for a sensual body, by Alli&Ali. You are gonna love the romantic curves of Senta

Gown: This sparkling gown called Wicked is going to make you a Goddes by easily seducing your man and making him your slave.. Of course if you join the Touch Of Sensuality Hunt and find the hidden heart at FlowerDreams... It will only cost you 10l... Good Luck

Shoes: So elegant and seductive, by Mary Jane Shoes called Sophisticated Autumn...they are not part of the hunt, but if you look thoroughly, you can find the hunt price of TOSH, of course you have to pay 10l to have Infiniti Mirihi's unique shoes.
 And I have good news, She had made a discount recently for Valentine's day, reducing all her shoes %50.. Isnt it great??? get your pair of shoes before its gone. 

Eyelashes:  2l on marketplace, almost  free