Monday, October 31, 2011


SKIN: Wonderful skin by JESYLILO as Zombie PopCorn Hunt Prize

HAIR: Aaliyah hair in Marron is 10L by SIMPLY BRITNEE ( all the hair packs in the store are 25L or 10L for JUICY MIRABELLA CLOSING DOWN SALE)

ACCESSORY SET: Brooke set such a unique set with style is 375L by 

DRESS: This awesome dress is the recent group gift BY AZUL, for the exclusive group members

SHOES: Grosetto shoes in white sooo gorgeous with a fantastic style is 700L by SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR

POSES: from Gabrielle modelling pack for 90L BY PURPLE POSES, single poses are 10L

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Everything seems quite normal at Forks but something is quite strange at FORKS HIGH SCHOOL. 
People witness weird events like moving grraves, wandering ghost, blood stains and flying books... 
Soo creepy...
No need to be scared, they are all for the Halloween Party that will take place at FORKS HIGH SCHOOL  on TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN SIM. People will be wearing witch, zombie, vampire&werewolf costumes; like it s something extraordinary for Forks.. Residents of Forkes are so used to living with vampires and werewolves. 
The good news for me is that I dont have to change.. Coz I am a real vampire and all I need is some blodd to enjoy the HALLOWEEN PARTY.
Lest meet there today at 12pm. SL time

SKIN: Zombie skin is FREE gift by MYDEAR SKIN, shape: Damita shape for 600L

HAIR: Paper hair in blonde is from essentials pack for 75L by ELIKATIRA

EYES: Honey promo eyes are 5L on marketplace for 5L

NAILS: recent group gift by CANDY NAIL, wear your group gift

BLOUSE: Pearl Blouse in green is a gorgeous top NEW RELEASE by AMARELO MANGA for 300L

JEANS: Basic Jeans pants NEW RELEASE by AMARELO MANGA for 250L

BOOTS: Desdemona Tan Boots  are new and soo typically gorgeous, sexy and classy by SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR, for 750L Halloween Special Price

Saturday, October 29, 2011


   SKIN: "I love you" skin  a wild gorgeous beauty is FREE as a group gift by SKINTIMATE

EYES: realistic green eyes are 5L on marketplace by AZ

ACCESSORY SET: The Samantha set is 112L by Endra Graves

NAILS: by CANDYNAIL, past group gift

HAIR: Paper, essentials  pack is 75L,  SALE at ELIKATIRA

DRESS: Funny girl Lace dress is FREE as a gift by POISED

SHOES: Isis Leather shoes in black with a classy sexy style is NEW RELEASE by P10 for 690L, The pack is 5500L with %25 of discount for VIP Members

POSES: by PURPLE POSES for 10L single poses

Friday, October 28, 2011


SKIN: Sally, a gorgeous beauty by AL VULO is FREE for the exclusive group members

HAIR: Recent group gift by D!VA for free with the group tag

ACCESSORY SET: The Marissa set  in blue stone is 112L by Endra Graves, Artistry by ~ E 

DRESS: A lovely mini flower dress by SNOWPAWS for FREE as a subscription gift

SHOES: Isis Leather shoes in cream is sooo classy and sexy by P10 for 690L, the pack of the shoes is 5500L and VIP members get %25 of discount

SHOPPING BAGS: Shopping bags with annimation is 30L by MGS

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


SKIN: Al Vulo's new beauty Sally, is ANNIVERSARY FREE gift of Al Vulo, for group members

HAIR: 4JANE hair in red color is Halloween treasure hutn prize by ALLI&ALI

JEWELERY SET:   A wonderful set called ROYAL RAJPUT is something you can't find everywhere. It was designed with every details for the exclusive customers of MASHOOKA DESGINS for 2000L ( the collection includes a lot of pieces from head accessory to nose rings ) or for the ones who want to have their favourite pieces, they are sold seperately, the prices change from 250L to 400L and if you are lucky to be a MAshooka Designs member, there is a %10 of discount for the group members..

ETHNIC OUTFIT:  An ethnic Indian Outfit called  Meena Lehenga, is amazing that the recent group gift by MASHOOKA DESGINS (the group fee is 200L) . And there is news:
Mashooka Designs is having a sale of %50 of the previous collections; gold and variatoins of gold (yellow, tints of orange etc) Dont miss the opportunity to get Aradhana Voight's fantastic desgins...

POSES: Fantastic poses from Audrey Guter, PURPLE POSES, single poses are 10L

Monday, October 24, 2011


SKIN&SHAPE: Kesia in light tone 3 (a gorgeous beauty and my favourite) is 600L, the fabulous shape I am wearing is called Natalie and it is 600L as well, by MYDEAR SKIN

HAIR: Lilia in chestnut is 250L by TRUTH HAIR

EYES: PROMO eyes in realistic brown is 5L by AZ on marketplace

ACCESSORY SET: Mala Naturals in red ( 195L)  is a fantastic set to use with casuals by MASHOOKA DESIGNS

TOP: Tirsha in cocoa is from the new mesh collection by Mashooka Designs for 265L, you should see the rest of the colors, you are gonna love them all!


POSES: Fashion poses are for you fashionistas by APPLE SPICE for 250L including 10 poses and they can be bought seperately for 35L

HAY CART&TREE: are THE SEASONS HUNT prize for free by KUSSHON, do your best to find the hidden pumpkin to have these amazing items with fantastic animations

BOOTS: Pumehana Loa in brown is gorgeous and what you need for your winter wardrobe by R2 FASHION for 249L

the photos were taken in OLYMPIC PENINSULA, FORKS

Sunday, October 23, 2011


 SKIN&SHAPE: Chole in pale tone make up number 3 is 600L, the fat pack is 1200L and the shape of chole is 600L by MYDEAR SKIN

HAIR: CASSY hair and the rest of the hair styles will be 150L Till 31st of October, the official closing date at SIXTYNINE

COSTUME: French maid costume including the apron, head attachment, ribbon choker, stockings and feather duster is 70L only for today at ICING as Lazy Sunday Item

SHOES: PAst group gift by S@BBIA



SKIN: So gorgeous Troy in liliac is 800L by AL VULO. You will be hypnotised by its beauty and you want to buy the whole pack

HAIR: Diana in blonde, barley is 250L by TRUTH HAIR

GOWN: Fenix in Ametyst is New and soo Gorgeous by AZUL for 900L

JEWELERY : Mila set including five fantastic pieces in ametsyt is 250L  Artistry by ~ E 

SHOES: Milano shoes with a unique design and classy style is 700L by SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR

POSES: from Rebecca pack (90L) by PURPLE POSES, single poses are 10L


SKIN&SHAPE: Damita make up number 2 is a pure beauty by MYDEAR SKIN , the skin itself is 600L, the packs is 1200L and the shape of Damita is 600L

HAIR: Hayden 1 in red color is 200L ( The hair has a color hud so that you can change the color easily ) by CALLICO INGMAN CREATIONS

SHIRT: Collage shirt in grey is INN hunt Prize, FREE by SE*DESINGS

SKIRT:  Tartan mesh  skirt in black is 129L by SLC

STOCKINGS: Knee High jet Black socks are 5L on marketplace

FLATS: Bows Bows Distressed Black flats are free by IN HER SHOES

The school is located in Forks, almost the same as the one in rl, you can  visit Twilight Breaking Dawn Sim to explore the fantastic places like Forks High School

Saturday, October 22, 2011


SKIN&SHAPE: Sicily make up number 18 is 890L and its shape is 490L, the pack is2990L by MOJO SKIN 

HAIR: Tanya in coffee  is 250L by TRUTH HAIR

JEWELERY SET: Gina in white pearl is a fantastic set by Artistry by ~ E 

DRESS: A dress so gorgeous make you feel like you are living a dream, called Ava is NEW by FLOWERDREAMS CREATIONS, Nile Caras. The dress available in different colors but the one I am wearing is now on sale at the mainstore at the moment for 400L (THE HEAD PEARLS included)

SHOES: Pisa Shoes in light grey suede has a fantastic style available in lovely colors are 700L by SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR

POSES: All the singles poses are by PURPLE POSES each for 10L


SKIN&SHAPE: A Goddess, a rare new born beauty by MOJO SKIN called SICILY in Make up number 28 is 890L, the pack is 2990L and the goddess shape of Sicily is 490L

HAIR: Tanya in coffee is 250l as browns pack at TRUTH HAIR

JEWELERY SET: Sweet is a wonderful jewelery set by CRYSTAL LINE with texture change options, it is 800L

GOWN&SHOES: a SEXY GOWN with cute flower attachments is looking  like a fire by VASSNIA for 750L including the matching shoes and the hair flowers; also available on marketplace

POSES: By Purple Poses' one of the new modelling pose pack called Vannia , the pack is 90L and the single poses are 10L

Thursday, October 20, 2011



SKIN&SHAPE: Eldora is the new beauty by MYDEAR SKIN, each skin is 600L, the packs are 1200L and the shape of eldora is 600L

HAIR: New group gift by D!VA

 OUTFIT: This amazing, sexy dress is part of an outfit called Anushka. It also includes shalwar pants  which means you pay for one outfit you get two.. If you wear it with shalwar it becomes something ethnic and if you wear it alone it becomes something sexy. Yaay! A big thanks to Aradhana Voight for the new Mesh collection. Anushka in tazziberry is 585L

JEWELERY SET:  The earrings and the bracelet are pieces of a gorgeous accessory set called Sweet by CRYSTAL LINE with color change textures for 800L

SHOES: Grossetto Shoes which are fantastic and so Unique is a must have by SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR for 795L

POSES: Another fantastic modelling pack by PURPLE POSES called Isabella, the pack is 90L and the single poses are only 10L


SKIN&SHAPE: Gorgeous Beauty  NEW by MOJO SKIN called Sicilly make number 28 is 890L, The pack is 2990L and the fabulous model shape of Sicily is 490L.

HAIR: Kira hair in black is by LAQROKI

JEWELERY: Such a classy set with glamour called The  Noor Set in ruby is 500L by Artistry by ~ E 

GOWN: A breath taking gown by PARIS METRO, so wild and sexy called "YOU ARE AN ANIMAL", 900L

POSES: Attitude is a great modeeling pose pack by APPLE SPICE STORE including 10 great poses, the pack is 250L and the single poses are 35L


SKIN: by JESYLILO, free as zombie hunt prize

HAIR: Maryam, caramel and the other colors are free by CATWA

EYES: Promo realistic eyes are 5L by AZ on marketplace

DRESS&ACCESSORIES: A Vamp dress, so wild and sexy by VaSSNia, The dress also comes with the collar, gloves and the shoes for 400L 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


COUCH: Such a comfortable couch with wings decoration is fantastic with its multiple pose options, is 249L by DREAMSCAPES ART GALLERY


BOOKCASE: Dreamer bookcase is 99L by DREAMSCAPES

TABLE&CHAIRS: The whole set including the leaves and the pumpkin decorations is called Autumn Cottage and it is 249L

HOUSE:  Such an amazing house isnt it? It is called Caramel House. You may not believe me but I am telling the truth, it is The seasons Hunt Prize by L2 STUDIO. Sasaya Kayo, the designer and the owner of the store makes amazing houses with low prim and the prices are soo reasonable.. 

SKIN: This Halloween Beauty is Zombie Hunt Prize by JESLILO.. Such a fabulous beauty... Dont miss it

HAIR: Maryam in caramel is Free by CATWA

JAMMIES: Lovely PJs with slippers and all the other accessories is 100L, Halloween Special Item by GRAFFITIWEAR

WITCH CHAIR: Witch Chair with flying bats is 99L by DREAMSCAPES ART GALLERY