Saturday, October 15, 2011


  I have been searching everywhere for Edward on Twilight Sim, so far I havent found a trace...
I was at the meadow early today, I lied down on the cold ground, the sun lights were illuminating the dark meadow.. I hope to see his sparkling skin. But there was no one.. The lamb was there but where was the lion???

  SKIN: Ai is FREE by MOTHER GOOSE'S Lucky Board

HAIR: Solace hair is the NEW hair release by RASPBERRY ARISTOCRAT

EYES: Umedama Holic's gift, FREE

OUTFIT: Luaflor OUtfit is a cute one almost free by VMC available in different colors for 10L

SHOES: Lulai shoes are 99L by R2 FASHION

POSES: from the new pose pack REBECCA for PURPLE POSES, the pack is 90L and the single poses are 10L

And if you are looking for the lion, here is the tp for TWILIGHT BREAKIND DAWN, MEADOW

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