Sunday, October 9, 2011


SKIN: Celine an immortal goddess, is exclusive limited skin line by DEESEE'S SKINS, including a natural make up and 3 other make up options is 1000L at DEESEE's main store

HAIR: Aggy in sandy blonde is by 69 HAIR, 150L because the store is closing.. Dont miss it

GOWN: Vnp Ninetails definitely knows how to make breathtaking gowns... Dita in lavender-Leave them speechless is one of them. It has everything that a woman needs; style, class, charm.. Plus you dont need to wear jeweleries with this gown coz it comes with a collar, gloves and a pair of matching shoes... This fantastic gown is 700L also available on marketplace

POSES: Audrey Guter has been releasing awesome modelling poses lately, I mixed them in the snapshots, coz single poses are only 10L at PURPLE POSES

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