Friday, October 14, 2011


  It's every girl's dream to get married one day with the man of her dreams... And every girl dreams of her perfect wedding dress. You all know I sometimes blog Wedding dresses to help you ladies to find your dream wedding dress... Today I am going to introduce you a unique styled wedding dress called Lorelei

WEDDING DRESS: A breathtaking wedding dress with a sexy back called Lorelei, I am sure has already become most of yours dream wedding dress. If you want it, you can buy it from marketplace or inworld store for 2000L by VASSNIA (the weil and the shoes included)

SKIN&SHAPE: This beauty called Damita and its fabulous shape are by MYDEAR SKIN each for 600L, the skin packs are 1200L and the new releases are on the way

HAIR: is a past hunt prize by POCKET MIRRORS, now there is a dollarbie semi updo at the store

JEWELERY SET: A fabulous set called Gina as Pure as a bride can be and so delicate; you can have this wonderful set for 300L by Artistry by ~ E 

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