Thursday, October 6, 2011


 I was browsing my teenage photo album, Suddenly my dusty memories became vivid and I remembered my first prom night before I left home.I remembered  My parents' taking my photos and watching me go with tears in their eyes... These dusty memories making me smile now...

  SKIN: My beautiful skin is from MYDEAR SKIN's one of the exclusive products called Chole make up number 2 is 600L and the pack is 1200L

HAIR: Linda in driftwood is a discount hair at TRUTH HAIR for 125L

JEWELERY SET: A fabulous set called Cherry with color change menu is 800L by CYRSTAL LINE

DRESS: a gorgeous dress with delicate feature is OCTOBER special item will be released this week  at AGNES FINNEY for 10L

POSES: Susan modelling pack is 90L, each single pose can be bought for 10L at PURPLE POSES

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