Wednesday, October 19, 2011


SKIN&SHAPE: A fantastic beauty will take the breath away of all the gentleman you pass by, called  ELDORA is new release by MYDEAR SKIN. I am wearing sunkiss make up number 2 for 600L and its perfect shape is 600L, the pack is 1200L

HAIR: Magenta in espresso is NEW for 250L BY TURTH HAIR

OUTFIT: Flirtatious Berry dress with the pumps looking so cute and sexy  by GRAFFITIWEAR for 125L

ACCESSORY SET: Spelbound  Mystic Topaz and Ametsyt is only 75L at ADDICTION jewelery

BENCH WITH DECOR: Another lovely halloween decor from DREAMSCAPES ART GALLERRY with multiple sitting options for 249L and the becn itself can be bought for 199L

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