Monday, October 10, 2011


    Well the aim was to finish the reports and we decided to meet at my place to do it as quickly as possible. Indeed, we worked but in my bedroom... Its not becuase I wanted to seduce him, becuase it was the most comfy place in my house.. And then we kissed... Omg! An it wasnt an innocent kiss...
   Blame it on the bed, not me!!!

This wonderfully desgined bedroom called Alison (1290L)  is NEW by MUDHONEY DESIGNS.. The bedroom itself is not only stylish but also low prim and the objects can be bought seperately.. The bed, the chase and the suitcase sits have avesome pose menu from couples to singles.. You are gonna love it

SKIN: Yang is limited skin collection by DESSEE's SKINS available in one natural, 3 make up options for 1000L
HAIR: a past group gift by D!VA

TOP: Tirsha mesh top in Charcoal is my favourite from MASHOOKA DESGINS' new collection for 265L

PANTS: Chinos pants in grey has the greatest style I have ever seen for pants. 180L by INDIE ROSE

SHOES: Kapua shoes in silver is new release by REI2 FASHION by Rei2 Aya, a big thanks to Rei2 for her wonderful shoes

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