Sunday, October 30, 2011


Everything seems quite normal at Forks but something is quite strange at FORKS HIGH SCHOOL. 
People witness weird events like moving grraves, wandering ghost, blood stains and flying books... 
Soo creepy...
No need to be scared, they are all for the Halloween Party that will take place at FORKS HIGH SCHOOL  on TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN SIM. People will be wearing witch, zombie, vampire&werewolf costumes; like it s something extraordinary for Forks.. Residents of Forkes are so used to living with vampires and werewolves. 
The good news for me is that I dont have to change.. Coz I am a real vampire and all I need is some blodd to enjoy the HALLOWEEN PARTY.
Lest meet there today at 12pm. SL time

SKIN: Zombie skin is FREE gift by MYDEAR SKIN, shape: Damita shape for 600L

HAIR: Paper hair in blonde is from essentials pack for 75L by ELIKATIRA

EYES: Honey promo eyes are 5L on marketplace for 5L

NAILS: recent group gift by CANDY NAIL, wear your group gift

BLOUSE: Pearl Blouse in green is a gorgeous top NEW RELEASE by AMARELO MANGA for 300L

JEANS: Basic Jeans pants NEW RELEASE by AMARELO MANGA for 250L

BOOTS: Desdemona Tan Boots  are new and soo typically gorgeous, sexy and classy by SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR, for 750L Halloween Special Price

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