Wednesday, October 12, 2011


SKIN: Charm in skin in beachy tone with peacock make up is FREE as great Pumpkin Hunt on the sim, The pumpkin including this skin pack is at CUPCAKES 

EYES: Jealousy eyes 1L by BJ

HAIR: Ouzo in black is group gift  FREE (sent early today in pack with another hair pack called tiramisu) including the hair bases

JEWELERY: A fantastic set from the fantastic creator of AMARELO MANGA, a big thanks to Luana Barzane Akina for Luanda set ( 600L)

SATIN GOWN: Jade is made up of Satin and when it is combined with green, it becomes something fabulous... JAde Satin Gown is recent group gift of VINLY CAFE, free

POSES: By Audrey Guter PURPLE POSES, All single poses are 10L

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