Tuesday, October 4, 2011


SKIN: A skin so beautiful and wild. This unique beauty is called Kesia and is only available at MYDEAR SKIN, a store where you find all the unique skins with best look in sl. Kessia in make up number 1 is 600L, the pack is 1200L

 SHAPE: Chole is a curvy sexy shape by MYDEAR SKIN with mod is 600L

 HAIR: Teshan in coffee is 250L by TRUTH HAIR

ACCESSORY SET: An exclusive set designed for the Africa collection called AFRICAN is available for the exclusive customers of AMARELO MANGA.. Dont forget to try the new mesh dresses and grab your group gift

 BIKINI:  Swimsuit Animal as a set is being sold for 50L at SD WEARS as the part of closing sale item. You get 3 bikinis by paying 50L Yayyyy! :)

POSES:  Single poses all fantastic were chosen from Audrey Guter's pose paradise, PURPLE POSES where single poses are only 10L

DRUMS:  Abaca drums such lovely ethnic decors with playing animaions is this week 60L item by NATAS DESGINS FURNITURE

hERE IS THE TP TO THE HONEYMOON PLACE OF EDWARD&BELLA; ESME ISLAND , you may come across with them. Do not be surprised... 

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