Saturday, April 30, 2011


SKIN&SHAPE: This fantastic beauty and fit shape with slender feature  is called Tess (295l), whic  is another promo item by R.icielli. No Doubt that all of R.icielli products have elegance. But I couldnt imagine any other thing that will fit to such an occasion. I was going to Royal Wedding AND it was my right to be Elegant. Visit R.icielli’s marketplace store, a world of elegance
  DRESS: I heard the rumours, they were all saying that people would be wearing dark blue dresses, which is the color of Kate Middleton’s engagement dress. I was planing to wear one but then, I saw the new release of Vero Modero, Rome Dress, a green that I never saw before and I fell for it from the very moment. So elegant and stylish.. And At the wedding everyone was wearing variations of Blue. Except me, I was all in elegant green, Rome Dress by Vero Modero. Stay Tuned for the new releases of Bouquet Babii, Vero Modero
HAIIR: So elegant, completing me with it’s grace… Luna updo is by Calico Inngman (200l), thank you Calico for this graceful hair style
HEELS: BY Hoc Indusries, Guu Nishi, 175l, on marketplace
EARRINGS: available for free on marketplace


  SKIN&SHAPE: by Glam Affair. Glam Affair is a wonderful brand offering us fantastic skins and shapes and anything an avatar may need in sl. Sakura Skin was a speical edditon which was sold at Dressing Room for celebrating Dressing Room's first Year. The Skn was 70l ( the usual price at The Dressing Room) and the shape has a discount price whis was 40l. Unbelievable but true. If You want to have Glam Affair's fantastic skins for reasonable prices, visit the Dressing Room and get this weeks speical skin for 70l and if it s not not enough visit the mainland which will give you what you need

 GOWN: Esperanca, Mirai Gown is the Help japan item by Mami Jewel, AZUL. Mirai means future in japanese. So lets keep praying that Future will bring all the good things to Japan and erase the effects of this nightmare forever. Please help Japan to survive, by purchasing this fabulous dress (500l)  A Big Thank you to Mami Jewel, for being sensitive about the disaster. Dont forget , it could happen to us as well

 HAIR: For an exotic beauty, I cant imagine a better hair style then Monique hair (200l) by Calico Inngman. This perfect hair has lilies attachment wih has color changing menu so you can pcik the color of your liliess. Isnt it awesome??? yayyyyyy!!! Thank you Calico Inngman for your unique hair styles. You are the best!!!

HEELS: NEW RELEASE, Ultimate Ingrid by Baby Monkey. Lovely Heels that has already become my favourite in Baby Monkey Shoe Paradise. Find your dream pair of shoes by taking this taxi to Baby Monkey

Friday, April 29, 2011


Yaayyyyyy! I am going to camp Kawabata... Fresh air and fresh food, plenty of sun shine, animals, nature
exacly what I need! And I will be the ScoutMaster! YAyyyyyy

I didnt know that I had to do this yakkkkk

  SKIN&SHAPE: Let me introduce you another wonder of Silken Moon by Malicia Phyton, The Witch of The South (400l). Do not be fooled by her name, She is not a witch, she is a real Cutie and when she this awesome skin meets with the fabulous shape called Nymph, Signature shape (600l), they become a fantastic team. A Natural Beauty.. And the eyes, so deep and full of Mysetry is available for 50l at Silken Moon Skin&shape Paradise... Step into the world of Magic ad Mystery... Silken Moon is the only skin soe that makes our dreams real...

  OUTFIT: Complete outfit by Purple Moon is the pre release gift for the exclusive members of PurpleMoon Creations. The group fee is 50l

  HAIR: Angie hair (200l) is for the ones looking for a modern look with med length hair, by Calico Inngman, the best and only hair store in its field... If you are looking for the best Calico Inngman welcomes you to her store and offers you what you need. Dont forget to check this weeks sale hair styles which are 100l

   POSES: All the single poses in the snapshots are belong to my favourite sl pose store, Purple Poses. Audrey Guter is the most talented Pose Designer I have seen in sl who gives her artsitic work for reasonable prices.You will find everything you need and More at Purple Poses

  SHOES:  Zena Wedges in yellow is the new Spring release by Baby Monkey, really fantastic stuff that a woman should have in her closet. Baby Monkey offers us a huge vriety of shoes with styles, and it s up to you to pick yours, coz it s your own taste and Baby Monkey has it all :))


   Let me take you today to a place which will make you forget about everything you worry. The only thing you will feel is the sun shine on your face, the warmth of the sea and you'll feel nothing but peace...
      Bon Voyage!!!

   SKIN&SHAPE: I found this amazing promo sale of R.icielli on marketplace. Vliet Ricielli is really generous to give out her special skin&shape designs for such reasonable prices. You cant help admiring all the beauties you see and want to have hem all. Coz They are all Gorgeous and have all different styles.. Cameron Skin and shape is the promo item of R.icielli 295l on marketplace.. Dont miss it and if you have lindens, dont be mean, buy them all :))

  DRESS: This lovely dress, as warm as a summer afternoon, with flowing skirts will take you away to your favourite holiday resort... I imagine myself wearing this dress and doing Bachata on golden sands of Bahia, barefoot. Thank you Gizza Creation by Giz Seorn forthe new release Magical Mystery Dress which is 250l with an affordable price. Giz Seorn has recently opened her new outlet store in Gizza Creations mainland, dont forget to check it while you are looking for Magical Mystery Dress..

   HAIR: Perfect looking hair with long curls, Eleanor is this weeks sale hair at Calico Inngman 100l till the end of this week. There is also another version of Eleanor which is the shorter version of it. Both is awesome and a should have in your close. Don't miss this weeks chance by Calico Inngman, you cant find better...

    POSES: by Purple Poses, Audrey Guter is the designer and the owner working hard to offer us the best poses beyond our imagination with low prices. For single and couple poses and more, here is your taxi to Purple Poses

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This magical beauty seems to have lost her way somewhere in Greece, Acropolis.  But she doesnt seem to be bothered.. maybe she is thinking that a Greek gentleman will help her find the way…

   SKIN&SHAPE:  Lets play a game! I am gonna give you key words and you will guess who the designer of the skins in the snapshots above is! Ready??? ok here they come; her skins are;
Full of Grace and Mystery, Delicate, Stunning and one last word Magical…
ANd the Answer is…. Yes, I can hear you all saying that She is Malicia Phyton, the talented designer  of Silken Moon Skins and Shapes. She is so full of creativity and imagination that she really makes her skins and shapes like they are real characters, with one  slight diffrence, they live in the world of Fantasy. When you wear her designs it feels like you are living a fairytale. The Skin and Shape I am wearing is called Cocotte, they are 700l together and if you like you can have them seperately, Skin is 400l and the shape is 300. The good thing is, her skin lines start from 200l which is a very reasonable price for such fantastic beauties. And dont forget her generous group gifts.
PS. My realistic green eyes are Malicia’s piece of art again and they are 50l at the store Silken Moon
    GOWN: What can I say about this fabulous gown wih diffrent skirt options and elegant style, called Neredie? so fragile looking but at the same time so sexy… Again, it is by Baiastice ,Sissy Pessoa’s another wonder. One of my favourites in her new collecion. But I will be honest, I love them all and I want them all. Maybe I should consider robbing her store while everyone is asleep? What can I do? I cant help it….
 But please it is between you and me..  So SHHHHHHH!!!!
   HAIR: Monique Hair (200l) is at the top of my Calico Inngman Hair list, you all know that. And I am sure it will be your favourite as well, when you bought it. It is both realistic and fabulous looking especially if you use Lily Attachment… Thank you Calico for all these unique hair styles
   POSES: tired of using public photo studios and want to take your snapshots in your favourite places?? OK you need Poses.. AND I will give you only one address. When you fist go there and see all the fantastic things at the store, you will become and addict and you will never give up from PURPLE POSES. All the single poses I used in the snapshots available at Audrey Guter’S Pose Paradise


 She just doesnt belong to our world, she belongs to a the world of nymphs, Elves, Goddeses and Gods, Unicorns all the fantastic thing you can imagine... She lives in a fantasy world that has notyet been discovered... Take a close look at the fantasy world she lives and forget about your sl and rl for a while

   SKIN&SHAPE:  well if I was asked to describe Silken Moon Creations with a few words, I would say a world that takes you to another dimension… WHen you first enter Silken Moon you are captured by the  fantastic beauty of skins and the shapes… hey just turn your head and you feel like they are all alive and they all live in a fanstasy world. They definitely dont belong here and so does the owner and the designer of Silken Moon Malicia Phyton… If you are feed up with the same skin appereances and if you need some magic, Malicia definitely has something for you. And the Skin I am wearing is the latest group gift of fantastic members of Silken Moon, called Nymph Dusk Natural. There is a group fee but I assure you that it is worth paying the fee coz these skins and shapes are so Unique…
Ps. (Tatoo is not  included in the gift  the eyes  and the tatoo are sold seperately at Silken Moon)
   OUTFIT: What a Nymph can wear???  A white Silky Sexy Fairy Dress, with flowing feather attachments!!!  the best choice to have such a delicate look. Delicate, sexy and fantastic….  by the magical fingers and brilliant mind of Sissy Pessoa, Baiastice. She oepned her outlet store in the mainstore and everything is between 50 and 150l but not more… And this dress was 50l such an affordable price for such a unique design. Thank you Sissy Pessoa for making our dreams come true
 HAIR:  a wonderful flowing hair in the wind by calico Inngman, and the best thing is Eleanor Hair 1 is this weeks sale item with Eleanor hair 2. They are sold for 100l at Calico Inngman’s hair store, which offers you the best hair designs in sl, here
  POSES: Purple Poses is such a great Pose store that you can find anything that you look for… All these single poses except for the ones on the swin and by the wishing well, belong to Audrey Guter the owner and the designer of Purple Poses who is working hard to give us the best. And she really does. A big thank you for Audrey for her generousity in her low prices, brilliant talent and fantastic iamgination to create all these wonderful poses for us…                                                                                       

Tuesday, April 26, 2011



    With her delicate looks, her goddess shape, her porceleain skin and her stunning gown with elegant jewelr, she is the symbol of Pure Beauty, follow the tips to become a Pure Beauty

    SKIN&SHAPE: Everything starts with a good skin and a fabulous shape. Coz they what you are in sl. And    
Essences is whispering us the road that will lead us to Pure Beauty. Inka Mexicola, the owner and the designer of Essences is making us a great offer by giving this fabulous skin called Katy with Katy shape for 70l. Unbelievable but true. Katy, a pure beauty who was created by the magical fingers of Inka Mexicola is waiting at Essences. Dont miss this opportunity to have her...

    GOWN: Fabulous, elegant, stylish... Everyhing a gown has to have.... They all exist in Azul's new release called Anna. This fabulous gown has different attachments and skirt options so that you can recreate your gown according to your own taste.. And only Mami Jewel could think of this fantastic option which is offered to only Azul's exclusive customers by Sl's most elegant Formal Clothing Store "AZUL"

    HAIR:  Luna updo is another wonder of Calico Inngman. A fabulous updo, simple look with an elegant style.  It s one of my favourite updos in the store since it has lovely moon and star attachments and 200l for per color pack.

    HEELS: by Baby Monkey Ultimate Leona Black is the new release with all the unique styles at the store. Step into Baby Monkey's shoe paradise, find your styles that expresses the real you...

    POSES:  All the fabulous poses you see in the snapshots belong to Audrey Guters Pose Paradise at Purple Poses... add some color and more to your second  life with Purple Poses

   JEWELRY:  This fabulous set called Silvia was designed for the exclusive customers of Virtual Impressions by Chrissy Ambrose. It is a new release and it is recommended by Azul. And I took their advice and bought this fabulous set for 360l.. Thank you Chrissy for the piece of art you offer us

Monday, April 25, 2011


   A fabulous look and a fabulous place... They are so real that I feel like I am really somewhere in Mykonos, the soft wind caressing my cheek and the skirt of my gown flowing like a feather of a dove... And my prince charming whispering my ear that he loves me.. Awwww what a feeling...

 SKIN&SHAPE: I like checking marketplace best selling items and I found this amazing skin with an amazing shape by R.icielli, one of my favourite brands in sl which offers us sl residents beuatiful skins and shapes, clothing with a style,attachments anything an avatar need in sl and Angel Promo pack shocked me with its price coz I would never have a R.icielli product for such a low price. Thanks to Vliet who is a real talent, I could buy this promo pack for myself. Angel is not the only promo item. You will find more if you take a closer look and you are gonna love what you see... :)

  OUTFIT: An amazing Gown, with flowing skirts and such a lovely style , by PAris Metro. My first adress for Haute Couture and stylish elegant Gowns.And Dotted Armour Grape Gown is unbelievable but free by the generous and the talented owner of Rose Morpork. She has oepend her new store at Mykonos ISland and she is celebrating her opening with this fabuluos gown. She is so generous that you can find diffrent free gowns in each of Paris Metro Stores. Amazing isnt it??? Step into the latest trend of formal Clothing with Paris Metro which offers you only the best in sl

   HAIR: I feel in love with this fabulous hair styles from the very moment I saw. Annika hair (200l) is another fantastic hair style by calico Inngman no doubt the best hair designer in sl. Whenever I go to the store I am hit by the hair styles at the store and I want to have them all... I wish I were a millionaire in sl so I would buy them all... Find your un,que hair style at Calico Inngman and dont forget to check this weeks speical promo items coz they are perfect as well. Omg I should tp and buy mine :))

  HEELS:  Awwww my elegant heels, the higher they are the sexier they make me.... They are stylish, elegant and yes so highhhh , they are Baby Monkey Heels... Be careful while you are wearing them, becuase you all know that looking perfect may have some costs, like hurting your ankle!!! But it is worth taking all these risks becuase my heels are BAby Monkey

 POSES:  while the photographer was taking the snapshots, he was telling me to do this and do that.. I had to stop him. Then I made my show... As you can see in the snapshots I gave him the best shots he could ever see and he seemed really satisfied... Its all thanks to Purple Poses, by Audrey Guter who has the best avatar poses in sl for reasonable prices... Go pick yours so you dont have to take orders from a stupid photographer anymore about what to do, you teach them how it is done by Purple Poses