Monday, August 29, 2011


  Imagine you wake up with smells.. Smell of fresh orange juice, the toast with cheese and maybe an omlett. You wonder where they come from, try to wake yourself up to understand whether you are still dreaming or not....
   now the smells are closer and real... Then you hear an angelic voice
    "morning love,close your eyes"
in curiosity, you turn your back and he says
ta daaaaaaa!

a wonderful breakfast table is waiting for you
soooo romantic

dont forget to give the thank you kiss..


 SKIN: Erika in fair is past group gift by BELLEZA, (group membership is not free)

 DRESS: a fabulous dress called Lara in orange available in different color options (which are all fantastic) and two skirt options (which means you are not buying one dress but two dresses) is 275L by MASHOOKA DESIGNS. The dress is also available on Mashooka Designs' marketplace store 

  ACCESSORY SET: This fabulous accessory set unbeliavable but 1L at MASHOOKA DESIGNS, with one condition... You should find the carrot. Yes the set is YIBH prize and it is so easy to find. Thank you Aradhana Voight

   HAIR: is group gift by 15000Th group member celebration by D!VA

   SANDALS: By COCO Designs, %50 of sale 125L

   POSES: New New New, By Audrey Guter the talented owner and designer of PURPLE POSES, The poses I used in the snapshots are from the new pose pack SUSAN, the pack 90L, Single poses are 10l and the couple poses are 69L

If you want to make a morning surprise for your sweetheart, Ria Bazar, the owner and the designer of BAZAR is showing her generousity by giving Morning Set as  dollarbie both on marketplace and at the enterance of BAZAR... Enjoy your breakfast and dont forget to thank Ria...

Sunday, August 28, 2011


There's a better place for you and me 
Universal love 
We dream of the world 
Let's keep up the faith 
There's a better place for you and me 
Universal love 

    SKIN: Heyla skin comes in different make up options is 250l at Not Button's Skins. The closing sale still going on, grab your skins as you can

   HAIR: Venus  is  by BishHair.. Bring more people to reduce the price of the hair

  GOWN:  Universal Love gown is Unique made by Paris Metro Fashion for its exclusive customers who have unique style, 1500L

  JEWELRY SET: The Harmony set special edition for Universal Love gown is by Endra Graves, ARTISTRY, 250L at Paris Metre Fashion

  POSES: Attitude pose pack is new by Apple Spice Store 250L whole pack, and the single poses are 35L

Saturday, August 27, 2011


  SKIN: Heyla in spice make up number 2 is closing sale item for 250L at NOT BUTTON'S SKINS

  HAIR: Tracy in Drak Midnight is 200L at CALICO INNGMAN 

   DRESS: with necklace is opening gift by FINESMITH


 BOOTS: Such sexy boots with an elegant style called COBRA BOOTS is SPECIAL OFFER  from SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR, these fabulous boots will be sold for 500L for the next Saturday. The sale will continue till the end of next Sunday.( August 3rd and 4th). They have eight choices of color from the menu, so its like getting eight boots for one price! Dont forget the the date, coz the regular price for the boots is 750L.Will be so hard to wait for the next Saturday, there are 7 days...

  The pose from Isis Boutique's Black Swan Pose pack, 60L


     SKIN:  Heyla Skin in spice make up number 3 is exclusive skin line for the closing sale for 250L at NOT BUTTON'S SKINS.. Dont forget to grab your gift skins for free and other sale skins for 99L

   ACCESSORY SET: My recent favourite accessory set DURBAN, newly released by AMARELO MANGA available for 500L

  HAIR: Green by MAITREYA is 295L as per color pack

  DRESS:  Such a lovely dress called ANGOLA is another piece from the NEW COLLECTION by AMARELO MANGA, AVAİLABLE FOR 500L

 HANDBAG: last weeks 55L item by FINESMITH

 HANDBAG POSES: By AppleSpice Store, 250l full pack, or you can buy your favourite poses among them for 35L

  STILETTO SHOES:  SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR proudly presents the new release BARLETTA STILETTO SHOES. If you are a group member you are lucky, coz the exclusive group members of SIF have the  opportunity to have these amazing stilettos for 500L till SUNDAY THE 28TH. The regular price will be 750L after Sunday


  SKIN: The Platinum Hunt Prize by ROCKBERRY (apple Skin) 10L

  HAIR: KIM in sandy blonde is 300L by 69

  GOWN: Emery Gown as passionate as the red color is 500l by MASHOOKA DESIGNS where the fashion of sl is created.. The gown and its colors are also available on marketplace

  JEWELERY SET:  This unique jewelery set which was designed with every realistic details is called ROYAL RAJPUT in gold ruby as a whole set 2000L, and if you have favourite pieces from the collection you can buy them seperately at MASHOOKA DESIGNS' INDIAN department, each piece is 250L

 POSES: these unique poses was created by Audrey Guter for the exclusive customers of PURPLE POSES, where single poses are sold for 10L, the couple poses are 69L.. yayyy!

Friday, August 26, 2011


  you know summer rain, you dont know where it comes from. It starts suddenly, maybe doesnt last long but in the end , you surrender and you let  the rain soak through your clothes... SO I had better take the first bus...

   SKIN: Uma Skin is free at FAbFree Car Wash BY ROCKBERRY 

   TOP: Scoopneck tank in teal is 100L AT MAGARI HAIR&CLOTHING

   JEANS: Signature Denim is 150L at MAGARI HAIR&CLOTHING

  HAIR: Kate in wine is part of red hair pack 250L at MAGARI HAIR&CLOTHING

 ACCESORY SET:  Lovely Accessory set  called MALA NATURALS in blue color is by MASHOOKA DESGINS, 195L

  BOOTS: such realistic boots for such low price by TGL, TOKYO GIRL, 150L, gift option is available and the store is so great

 POSES: Handbag POSES PACK is 250L  by Apple Spice Store, the poses can be bought separetly

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I would meet you with my
passionate embraces
would watch you while you were cooking
for me

And we would chat about the day
while doing the washing-up
wake up to the reality Des

You may have a wonderful kitchen, but you are all alone.. Face the truth

  SKIN: Kalista is a hunt price of last year by ROCKBERRY. Currently there is The Platinum Hunt going on and the prize skin is awesome, eyes are by Rockberry as well

  DRESS: This cutie floral printed tube dress tropical is NEW by MAGARI HAIR&CLOTHING, 165L

  HAIR: Megan in golden color is by MAGARI HAIR&CLOTHING, 250L

  ACCESSORY SET: Mashooka Designs has proved that It s not only succesful in Indian Jewelery sets but also Western style  Accessory sets as well. Mala Naturals Set in black is available in Western Clothing Department for 195L

 SHOES: If you are looking for comfort and style then SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR's New releases is  for you. Larisa shoes available in lovely colors 750L 


 KITCHEN: My beautiful modern style kitchen with menu opitons and fantastic animations (both single and couple) is by the most talented furniture and house designer in sl Ria Bazar; BAZAR. you wont believe it but this wonderful kitchen is only 78 prims and the price is very affordable which is 549L. And for the generous offers for the exclusive customers of Bazar, you should visit it today.. Coz your house is worth it


  SKIN: A gorgeous Beauty by Not Button's Skins called May make up Number 3,  is on sale as the rest of the skins at the store 99L because it will be closed soon. Dont miss the closing sale at NOT BUTTON'S SKINS

  GOWN: I call it Black Pearl, Nile calles it Loreen, this fabulous gown came to life from the magical imagination of Nile Karas, the owner and the designer of FLOWER DREAMS CREATIONS. You wont believe when I tell you the price! It's only 55l, till the end of today. An opportunity like this comes once in a lifetime, so dont miss it...

 HAIR: Jess Hair is by Rasberry Aristocrat 200L

 JEWELERY: Camilla Set is by Virtual Designs, 360L

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


   Beauty becomes breathtaking when you enrich it with the right clothing and the right jewelry.. This is what I did to become a breathtaking Indian Beauty. And if the issue is Indian Cothing, MASHOOKA DESIGNS is the best. This lovely gown I am wearing called Prisashi in celery 499l, available in magical colors; waiting for you at Second Life's Number One Store MASHOOKA DESIGNS

Jewelery set is part of a speical edition gown made for Narksissos Show by MASHOOKA DESGINS, Aradhana Voight. Well the gown itself with jeweleries is 2299L. The good news is Rajput Jewelery set is available in ruby and amber. 2000L the whole set and the pieces can be bought seperately

The beautiful Vero Skin in natural make up is new by AL VULO,800L for single skins and the pack is 2800l

Patty in black is by GLAMORIZE 15L

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


SKIN: is Mambo Chick group gift called Lindsay

HAIR: Gabriel is Truth Hair Collabor item 88l (fatpack)

OUTFIT: Heiko (full outfit) is New Arrival at CENSORED (150L)

BALLERINAS: My cute Meena Ballerinas in rose by MASHOOKA DESIGNS (295l)

POSES: Gabrielle is the new pose pack by Purple Poses, whole pack is 90L


Today I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don't feel like picking up my phone
So leave a message at the tone
Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything

 I am sure you all the rest of the song, and if you had the same living room set as mine, you would sing this song out loud and spend the whole day on your comfy couch.. 

    I know you want to  have this lovely living room set called SUMMERLIN by Jessi Bunjie. I discovered Jessie on marketplace she is a very  talented designer with her fantastic furniture sets. It is a pity that she doesnt open an inworld store...  You can have Summerlin set with a %30 of discount price 294L and you can buy the pieces seperately...

The Lindsay skin I am wearing is group gift by MAMBO CHIC 

  The Ruffled top with cute straps in turquise is by BIRDY a store with the cutest style 95L

High Waist baggp pants in  Sea Breeze is another cutie style from BIRDY, 85L

The sandals I am wearing is by COCO Designs which has a clearence sale right now, 125L

Becky hair all tones was gfted to Truth District Members by Truth Hair