Tuesday, August 16, 2011


 It's been months since we last had that breakfast and I heard nothing from him since then.. Till early morning today. He didnt bother to give me an excuse, pretending that nothing had happened, he asked me too meet his place  for a small garden party for two.. I acted like I hesitated but inside a voice in me was secreaming and saying, "yes yes, JUST TELL ME WHEN AND WHERE"

      There was an invisible wall between us at the beginning, I must say I am so glad that the water sprinkler started work, coz we got closer and closer... (winks)

SKIN:  Elora Skin 01H is by Style by Kira not Free
SHAPE:  Vicky shape is 50l by Essences
HAIR: by Truth called Gabriel 88l at Collabor88
DRESS: FAbulous Dress for your unforgttable summer days is called Chameli (spindrift) 195l by MASHOOKA DESGINS ( another skirt version is available too, so you are not buying one dress, you are buying too) YAyy
BARE FEET: Group gift by COCO designs, free 

 SKIN&SHAPE: Verve VIP Group gift, free for Group Members
 SHIRT: Open Summer Shirt (coral) is by MASHOOKA DESIGNS MaleDepaertment (145l) ( also wearing the tee from Men's boardshort&tee outfit which is 155l)

 PANTS: Men's Jeans(spindrift) by MASHOOKA DESIGNS (145L)

 TREE: Wheeping Cherry Tree is by Zoe's Garden available in 4 different trees 55l

 GARDEN PARTY SET: is Platinum Hunt item by Lisp (10l)

 COUPLE POSES: All the fantastic couple poses you see in the snapshots are by Purple Poses, each pose 69l. To enjoy your sl more than you are doing now, here is your lm to Purple Poses

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