Saturday, August 27, 2011


  SKIN: Heyla in spice make up number 2 is closing sale item for 250L at NOT BUTTON'S SKINS

  HAIR: Tracy in Drak Midnight is 200L at CALICO INNGMAN 

   DRESS: with necklace is opening gift by FINESMITH


 BOOTS: Such sexy boots with an elegant style called COBRA BOOTS is SPECIAL OFFER  from SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR, these fabulous boots will be sold for 500L for the next Saturday. The sale will continue till the end of next Sunday.( August 3rd and 4th). They have eight choices of color from the menu, so its like getting eight boots for one price! Dont forget the the date, coz the regular price for the boots is 750L.Will be so hard to wait for the next Saturday, there are 7 days...

  The pose from Isis Boutique's Black Swan Pose pack, 60L

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