Monday, August 8, 2011


   Hello Ladies, today I joined this event called Chic Fashionably Late, which will take place each week and begin at 4pm SLT on Sunday. Each session will last one week. The session will close on the following Sunday at approximately 9am SLT.
   Each week will include guest designers as well as some of the sim residents, guests are obliged to bring a *NEW* and *EXCLUSIVE* item, that can be sold in their stores once their week is over.
  A great offer isnt it?? Well, I really really love the Ethnic Suede Dress (200l) by Indie Rose which reminds me Native Americans. And I came back home tired and decided to have a rest on my comfy coach and I just fell asleep...
 In my dream I was a Native American and I was called as AMADAHY (means forest water) by my tribe.. Let me take you my small village full of peace

 SKIN:  Julia by Mambo Chick group gift

 DRESS: Ethnic Suede Dress by Indie Rose (200l) 

 HAIR: Isis with Braid accessories by Calico Inngman  (200L)

 BARE FEET: gift by COCO designs, there are great gifts available for group members

  POSES: by Apple Spice Store a mix of single poses from Fashion Poses And Action poses

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