Sunday, August 7, 2011


  SKIN&SHAPE:  Another beautiful skin with a fabulous shape called Vero is the new family member of Al Vulo, 800l single skins and the pack is 2800l, the shape is 350l

  TUNIC TOP: Here is the latest release from L'été Collection by Mashooka Designs called Sachika Tunic Top(199l). The color options are so soothing and peaceful that they have already become my favourite and I believe you will feel the same when you see them out tomorrow.. Here is the lm for Mashooka's Fashion PAradise. And the group gift is still available ( group fee is 200l, it is definitely worth)

  JEAN CAPRI: is the SFH prize by !RIGHT ( the jeans comes with a top)

  BALLERINA: Meena ballerina in violet color is by Mashooka Designs and 295l

  HAIR: Dina in Auburn is a great hair with a style by Calico Inngman (200l)

  POSES: by Purple Poses


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