Monday, August 29, 2011


  Imagine you wake up with smells.. Smell of fresh orange juice, the toast with cheese and maybe an omlett. You wonder where they come from, try to wake yourself up to understand whether you are still dreaming or not....
   now the smells are closer and real... Then you hear an angelic voice
    "morning love,close your eyes"
in curiosity, you turn your back and he says
ta daaaaaaa!

a wonderful breakfast table is waiting for you
soooo romantic

dont forget to give the thank you kiss..


 SKIN: Erika in fair is past group gift by BELLEZA, (group membership is not free)

 DRESS: a fabulous dress called Lara in orange available in different color options (which are all fantastic) and two skirt options (which means you are not buying one dress but two dresses) is 275L by MASHOOKA DESIGNS. The dress is also available on Mashooka Designs' marketplace store 

  ACCESSORY SET: This fabulous accessory set unbeliavable but 1L at MASHOOKA DESIGNS, with one condition... You should find the carrot. Yes the set is YIBH prize and it is so easy to find. Thank you Aradhana Voight

   HAIR: is group gift by 15000Th group member celebration by D!VA

   SANDALS: By COCO Designs, %50 of sale 125L

   POSES: New New New, By Audrey Guter the talented owner and designer of PURPLE POSES, The poses I used in the snapshots are from the new pose pack SUSAN, the pack 90L, Single poses are 10l and the couple poses are 69L

If you want to make a morning surprise for your sweetheart, Ria Bazar, the owner and the designer of BAZAR is showing her generousity by giving Morning Set as  dollarbie both on marketplace and at the enterance of BAZAR... Enjoy your breakfast and dont forget to thank Ria...

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