Wednesday, August 17, 2011


  hmmmm, so you have a date and you dont want to make it a big deal but you  still have to look fabulous... no overdrawn clothing from your closet.  What you need is small touches... Sometimes simplicity is Glamour...

  SKIN: Antalya Peach make up number 18, a breathtaking beauty by Not Buttons, now on sale for 99l and there is a free gift at the store as well

  DRESS: a lovely dress with an elegant style is unbelieavble but 10L as the platinum hunt prize by Baiastice, Sissy Pessoa

  JEWELERY: A jewelery is what you need to look elegant and glamorous.. Like the ones I am wearing.. The pieces of the Jewelery set called ROYAL RAJPUT were designed with all the details and a unique style, a combination of modern and ethnic styles by MASHOOKA DESGINS.. You can have the whole set for 2000l or you can buy the pieces seperately. The necklace is 400l, the earrings are 250l.

  HAIR: Group gift for the members of Angel Hair, (group Fee is 30l) and there are ggreat deals for the customers

  SHOES: I am a big fan of Maitreya, I really love the designs but I am never that rich to buy the stuff there... Yesterday I was sent like all the members of Maitreya, this pair of shoes as a gift. If you have subscribed to the kiosk, then you are from one of those who may be wearing them like me.. Lucky, HUH?

 POSES: fabulous poses to make you look more glamorous are by Purple Poses, single poses are sold for 10l.. Yayyyy

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