Thursday, August 25, 2011


I would meet you with my
passionate embraces
would watch you while you were cooking
for me

And we would chat about the day
while doing the washing-up
wake up to the reality Des

You may have a wonderful kitchen, but you are all alone.. Face the truth

  SKIN: Kalista is a hunt price of last year by ROCKBERRY. Currently there is The Platinum Hunt going on and the prize skin is awesome, eyes are by Rockberry as well

  DRESS: This cutie floral printed tube dress tropical is NEW by MAGARI HAIR&CLOTHING, 165L

  HAIR: Megan in golden color is by MAGARI HAIR&CLOTHING, 250L

  ACCESSORY SET: Mashooka Designs has proved that It s not only succesful in Indian Jewelery sets but also Western style  Accessory sets as well. Mala Naturals Set in black is available in Western Clothing Department for 195L

 SHOES: If you are looking for comfort and style then SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR's New releases is  for you. Larisa shoes available in lovely colors 750L 


 KITCHEN: My beautiful modern style kitchen with menu opitons and fantastic animations (both single and couple) is by the most talented furniture and house designer in sl Ria Bazar; BAZAR. you wont believe it but this wonderful kitchen is only 78 prims and the price is very affordable which is 549L. And for the generous offers for the exclusive customers of Bazar, you should visit it today.. Coz your house is worth it

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