Monday, August 1, 2011


 Breathtaking beauty no words needed! Lets take a look at her Beauty Tips:

  SKIN: Julia is the Group gift by mambo Chick

  OVERALL: this amazing overall the combination of ethnic and modern touches, called Overall East London (550l) available in 5 colors by [Amarelo Manga] is just another fabulous piece of Luana Barzane Akina's wide collection. The Turban (500l) and the gold belt are  great accessories to complete the outfit and they are sold seperately at the store. You wont believe in your eyes, coz Amerolo MAnga is offering you, your dreams..

 EARRINGS: Coral Earrings by Finesmith

 PUMPS: by Bitter Candy, free with the handbag, yayy!

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