Wednesday, August 3, 2011


She is the most beautiful girl with her charming looks in the Harem, She is Sultan's one and only Concubine

   SKIN: Arabin pale skin  mysterious beauty that will take everyone's breathby Jesylilo number 1 is 800l, fatpack is 3500l

 HAIR: Aquene Hair by Alli&Ali in darkbrown 175l

DRESS: Arabin Dress with fabulous flowing skirt and sleeves in white (available in 3 colors) is the new release by Jesylilo for 400l

 JEWELRY: The most exclusive and elegant Jewelry set for Sultan's Concubine by Second Life's most talented designer with unique designs, Aradhana Voight by Mashooka Designs, Lakshmi' in Silver is a huge collection with precious pieces and 1500l as a whole or you can have your favourite pieces seperateşy at the main store

 SLIPPERS: Slippers&kada in white available in 3 diffrent colors By mashooka Designs 199l (comes with a 
lovely jewelery set) 

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