Wednesday, August 17, 2011


   SKINSSS&SHAPESSSS, yes very important . CLOTHING an indispensible part of sl, what about HAIR, we cant do without them.... What about our FOOTWEAR????
  Most people say that they check the shoes of the person they see for the very first time other then some certain things... SHOESS are very important in both lives.. And in SL, I have found what I have been looking for...
    The most realistic shoe styles with Italian Touch ( you know Italian people are the best if the issue is FOOTWEAR), perfectly Unique.. I am talking about SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWEAR AND Its newest Release

You didnt believe your eyes, did you? you think it's illusion but no.. This store makes the most realistic shoes in sl and they really deserve what they ask for...
Let me share some of my sl pics I took when I was in Luxembourg

  SKIN&SHAPE: Beautiful Artemis make up number 12 is 1499l and the shape is 799l, by Unique Megastore, where you can find the best skins&shapes in sl

  DRESS: a lovely chiffon jumper great for summer days is 250l by Indie Rose, The accessories I am wearing are the part of the hunt Prize of Platinum Hunt at Indie Rose

  HAIR. Odette in Auburn is 250l by TRUTH HAIR

 SHOES: I you are looking for a style, you will have it, if you are after uniqueness, you will  have it.... LARISA SHOES in white (750L)  is what you need for your summer days BY SIMILAR ITALIAN FOOTWORK, the newest release available in different colors and demos for you. Luxury, style, uniqueness,glamour everything you need waiting for you behind Similar  Italian footworks' closed doors.. Open them

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