Saturday, October 8, 2011


 Unfortunately, summer is saying goodbye.. Its not burning our skins like it used to do, the winds are colder now..  She is leaving us and I have this farewell  rituel. whenever the weather is nice at Forks; I make myself a cup of coffee and go outside and spend some time in the garden till the sun goes down... No talking,The silent farewell of  me and the summer who is packing her things...

SKIN: Yang is a pure skin line full of peace and beauty inside her, Yang is a limited skin with hairbase options and 1 natural, 3 make up options and it is sold for 1000L, each skin comes for 250L

HAIR: Mimi hair was Lucky Board item by D!VA hair

OUTFIT:  Candy girl outfit is absolutely for the ones who are looking for comfy casual clothes with a style, the best part is that the outfit also includes the matching flats... Yayyy! Candy girl outfit is available in different colors is 600L at K-CODE 

POSES: From the new pose pack of PURPLE POSES called Vania, the pack is 90L and singles are 10L

NECKLACE: Native American Pouch is 150L BY EED

The photos were taken at OLYMPIC PENINSULA, FORKS , a great place for exploring and rp TWILIGHT SAGA

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